By checking the box, you authorize Connect Hearing to use and release your information to send you marketing and promotional materials from or on behalf of Connect Hearing at the email address you provide.

Your authorization permits Connect Hearing to use and release your demographic information, like your name and email address, to include you on email lists and to use information about your hearing care to identify programs and initiatives that are likely to interest you. All email marketing shall be made by or for Connect Hearing for the benefit of Connect Hearing. We may release your information in order to complete a marketing email, for instance; in that case, anyone who receives your information may not use or release your health information without your permission. Connect Hearing will not sell patient lists to third parties for their own marketing activities.

Submitting this permission is entirely voluntary. Your choice whether or not to authorize these communications will not impact your ability to receive care at Connect Hearing. If you change your mind, you may revoke this authorization at any time by providing written notice to Connect Hearing Privacy Office, 215 Shuman Blvd, Suite 401, Naperville, IL 60563 or This authorization will no longer be effective upon receipt of such a revocation, excluding any information that was used or released in reliance of your valid authorization.

Please be aware that material sent via email is not intended to substitute for care provided during an office visit. Information sent via email can be forwarded, intercepted, printed and stored by others. Email can also be widely broadcast and received by unintended recipients. Email to you will not be encrypted. We cannot guarantee the security of email sent over public networks to you. Email may introduce viruses onto computer systems. Emails may also be used in court. Email, like almost all communication methods is vulnerable to human error and an incorrect address can be used to transmit incorrect information to an unintended recipient.

By submitting your information, you also hereby authorize ConnectHearing to contact you (which could be through automated means) regarding hearing loss and setting up a hearing evaluation and/or the possible sale of a hearing aid (at one of our Hearing Centers) that is represented on the website. In doing so, you agree to be contacted via email, phone call (landline, cell and/or mobile), SMS Text, etc. regarding such inquiry and authorize ConnectHearing to follow-up on your interest. Your authorization permits ConnectHearing to market to you until you elect to opt-out.

Please be aware that material sent via email, SMS text or phone call is not intended to substitute for care provided by a licensed hearing care professionals. You also acknowledge the risks of electronic communication and authorize Connect Hearing to use email to communicate with you. You may revoke this permission by contacting the Privacy Office at

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