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Already have hearing aids? You still need regular checkups.

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Already have hearing aids? You still need regular checkups.

If you already have hearing aids, you may think you do not need to get your hearing tested. However, hearing loss prevention and treatment don’t end once you have a pair of devices, and that means keeping up with your regular hearing tests.

Hearing health changes over time, which means your hearing aids may need to change, too. Annual hearing tests and bi-annual hearing checkups can help determine whether or not your hearing devices are performing at their best.

Hearing changes 

Factors like aging, chronic conditions, illnesses, injuries, and even certain medications can alter your hearing, ultimately affecting your overall hearing health.

For instance, as you age, your abilities to taste, touch, see, smell, and hear all change as well. In fact, hearing and vision are the two senses most affected by aging, so it is important to be in tune to both your hearing and your hearing devices!

Structures within the ear also change as you get older. These structural changes decrease your ability to pick up on various sound frequencies, which can cause you to have problems hearing. You may have trouble distinguishing certain sounds or you may have difficulty hearing conversations if there is background noise. You may even have trouble hearing someone speaking if they are standing behind you or off to the side.

Additionally, hearing loss in adults can be inherited from parents, stem from chronic conditions and illnesses, or be caused by excessive noise. Physical injuries such as head trauma can also affect hearing and can worsen over time.

Hearing aid adjustments 

You wouldn’t force yourself into a sweater you outgrew, right? No, that would be silly. Well, it’s the same thing with hearing aids.

One of the best ways to protect your hearing is to stay vigilant about it. Sometimes you outgrow your hearing aids due to changes in your hearing health, need an adjustment, or even an upgrade.

Men getting hearing testedAdults 55 years of age and older should get their hearing tested once a year, but getting regular checkups can ensure your hearing devices are performing at their very best. Connect Hearing recommends scheduling two checkups a year-once every six months. However, if you experience hearing issues at any time during the year, schedule an appointment for a consultation

Hearing aid upgrades

If you schedule an appointment to get your annual hearing exam and adjust your hearing aids accordingly, but are still experiencing problems hearing, then it may be time to upgrade to a new pair of hearing aids.

Knowing when to replace and upgrade your hearing aids can be a tough decision, but if you are experiencing any of these signs, then it may be time for a hearing aid upgrade:

  • Small and simple hearing aid adjustments are not helping you to hear better
  • Your hearing aid undergoes frequent and/or costly repairs
  • Other hearing health issues (such as tinnitus) are now affecting your hearing

Hearing aids are built for the long haul, but with any piece of equipment that gets daily use, normal wear and tear is expected. The decline of your hearing aid device is inevitable, but the good news is you can upgrade!

Get your hearing tested 

The best way to protect your hearing is to get it tested regularly! It’s important to continue to get annual hearing tests once a year and stop in every six months for check-up appointments-even if you are already using hearing instruments!

Changes in hearing can be difficult  to detect on your own. Being proactive with your hearing health and getting evaluated by a professional can remove any worry, doubt, or uncertainty about whether or not your hearing has changed over time. These bi-annual check-ins can ultimately determine if your hearing devices need adjusting in order to help you hear at your very best.

Connect Hearing offers FREE evaluations to all of our valued clients. Whether you’re a regular or a first-time customer, we’ll help ensure your hearing technology is giving you the best possible performance. Contact a Hearing Care Professional to schedule your complimentary visit today!

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