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Get connected with Bluetooth®-enabled hearing aids and accessories

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Get connected with Bluetooth®-enabled hearing aids and accessories

The hearing aids of yesteryear didn’t offer much in the way of extra features – especially in terms of wirelessly connecting to your favorite devices. 

Fast-forward just a few years, and today’s technology offers a plethora of convenient and downright cool options for staying connected to all of your favorite electronics – from your iPad to your Android phone.

So, what exactly are Bluetooth®-enabled hearing aids, and what are their advantages? Read below to learn about today’s wireless technology. 

What is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth is a communication platform that uses high-frequency radio waves to transfer data between two or more Bluetooth-enabled electronic devices, like a mobile phone and a laptop.

Incorporating Bluetooth technology into hearing aids would require a greater power supply than is generated within the small batteries of today’s devices.

However, while hearing aids themselves can’t incorporate Bluetooth technology, manufacturers of digital hearing aids have developed a creative work-around for this. Today’s hearing aids use Bluetooth-compatible streaming devices to provide a communication link between Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. This technology is designed to allow the devices direct connection without extreme stress on the battery power.

How to get connected with Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids

Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids use the help of wireless devices – sometimes known as “streamers” – that allow you to connect to your Bluetooth-enabled electronics and freely stream music, movies, television shows and telephone calls.

Everyone has different needs and preferences when it comes to hearing aids. When consulting with your Hearing Care Professional, you can discuss your needs for wireless connectivity. If you are looking for a hearing aid that allows you to connect wirelessly to mobile phones, computers, and other Bluetooth-enabled electronics. He or she will be able to recommend a set of digital hearing aids and wireless streamer that fit your budget, activity level and aesthetic preferences. 

What are the benefits of Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids?

Perhaps one of the greatest advantages of Bluetooth-enabled technology is its universal-usage.

Instead of struggling to accommodate your hearing aids with the right headphones, today many hearing aids can be turned into a pair of wireless headphones with the help of Bluetooth technology.

You can choose to stream the audio signal from your streaming device to one or both hearing aids. What’s more, the signal can be customized to match your hearing aid’s personalized settings, so you can stream sound at your chosen volume and EQ (loudness of specific frequencies).  

This capability can be especially helpful when streaming a mobile phone conversation. You can customize your streaming settings so that your conversation only streams into one hearing aid, so that the other is free to continue processing outside sounds.

Another advantage of today’s Bluetooth-enabled hearing technology is that you can pair multiple electronics to one streaming device. For example, you can be connected to your mobile phone while you’re also streaming a movie from your smart TV or laptop. The streaming device is able to interrupt or pause the show, song or movie and stream in the audio from your incoming phone call. This enables you to switch seamlessly from one activity to another.

Some streamers even come with remote controls that allow you to change the volume or program using external controls. This can be especially helpful if your hearing aids are too small to accommodate external controls. 

There’s a lot to love about today’s wireless streaming capabilities. Contact a Connect Hearing Consultant today to learn more about how to stay connected to your family, friends, and favorite audio devices with Bluetooth-enabled hearing technology. 

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