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Hear these 5 amazing sounds while traveling the U.S.

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Hear these 5 amazing sounds while traveling the U.S.

From the redwood forest to the streams of North Carolina, there’s no shortage of amazing sensory experiences between the east and west coast. Here are five amazing sounds that are worth taking a detour to hear while traveling the U.S.

Add them to your bucket list, travel itinerary, or a sporadic day of adventure. 

The sounds of nature 

Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, Colorado 

When was the last time you were truly able to listen to tiny critters scurrying through the underbrush? Among the golden, sandy hills of Colorado’s beautiful Great Sand Dunes National Park, silent tranquility opens your senses to hear sounds you may have never had the opportunity to hear before.

A wealth of shaded, gently winding trails allow you to fully immerse yourself in the sounds of nature while you explore the park. From the call of a bald eagle to the chittering of Abert’s squirrels, few destinations in the U.S. offer the opportunity to listen to such unique wildlife while being surrounded by rolling dunes and snowcapped mountains. 

The roar of the Pacific 

Big Sur, California 

You’re never too old to take a good old-fashioned road trip—and when it comes to must-hear sounds mixed with intoxicating scenery, you simply can’t beat the roar of the Pacific as you explore Big Sur in California.

Driving your own car to explore a strip of the U.S. you’ve never visited before can be a rewarding experience—especially when it’s somewhere this beautiful.

Take a cruise down California’s famed Highway 1 to find the perfect beach spot along the 85 miles of the Big Sur. Once you’ve found a scenic stretch of beach, grab a beach blanket and bury your toes in the sand as you soak up the sun and listen to the waves lapping at the shore.

Big Sur’s beauty doesn’t end with ocean views, either. Towering redwoods, majestic cliffs, and a bubbling surf all come together to create an epic backdrop for romance and relaxed exploration. 

The breath of an orca 


Few things compare to the heart-stopping experience of seeing a whale up close.

Many aging adults are packing their bags and heading for The Last Frontier—and it’s easy to see why. When you’re looking to take a vacation and experience something new, a cruise to Alaska provides beauty, relaxation and opportunities to get up-close and personal with various wildlife, including orcas.  Board a boat with a small group of co-travelers to watch and listen as the whales surface and spout around you.

There are a number of whale watching tours and vantage points offered by Alaskan cruise lines and organizations. Chances of seeing orcas are highest from early May to early June. 

Historic moments 

Williamsburg, Virginia  

Immerse yourself in a living, breathing picture of United States history when you visit Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia. Unlike other historical sites, this charming little village allows you to not only hear life the way it sounded during the country’s early years, but experience being a citizen of history.

Engage with members of the community as they tell their stories in elaborate costumes, and listen firsthand to the struggles and triumphs faced by people from all walks of life during the eighteenth century. 

The rush of hidden waterfalls 

Skinny Dip Falls, Blue Ridge Parkway

Don’t let the name fool you—this North Carolina swimming hole is family-friendly! Skinny Dip Falls is the perfect place to sit and enjoy the scenery of North Carolina. Though somewhat secluded, this spot is easy to access.

Surrounded by rocks and lush greenery, you will feel like you are a part of nature when you enjoy the sights and sounds of the rushing water here. There are plenty of places to sit and relax if you simply feel like listening and taking it all in from the dry comfort of a nearby bench. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can throw on a swimsuit and go for a dip!

Hearing your surroundings and sharing those experiences with family and friends is so important. Contact Connect Hearing to ensure your hearing stays strong and healthy so you can continue to experience all the amazing sounds the U.S. has to offer!

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