Wearing hearing aids requires both a physical and mental adjustment. Hearing loss in one or both ears can be difficult to accept, so patients may see hearing aids as a threat to their autonomy.

However, hearing aids are incredible tools that patients should embrace to live a fuller life. Support from family and friends is critical to becoming comfortable with them and we’ll give you some tips to help your loved one ease into them. 

While hearing aids shouldn’t be painful, they may create some physical discomfort at first. Your doctor should be able to adjust them, but even so, it’s certainly a new experience. In addition to how the hearing aid sits on their ear, it might also cause a slight headache. 

Louder sounds will be uncomfortable at first, just as someone unaccustomed to loud noises might be uncomfortable at a rock concert. However, follow-up conversations with a doctor and using this advice will help decrease the discomfort and make the transition smooth and anxiety-free. 

Be realistic about expectations.

The average time it takes for a person to adjust to hearing aids can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months . They should also not expect the tuning of sounds to be the same. Not only will people’s voices sound different but background noises like cars and the radio will also sound different.

Practice using them.

When you first start using hearing aids, you will likely become frustrated with the variety of new sounds. Rather than forcing yourself to both talk and interpret the new sounds, practice using them by listening to audiobooks or movies. Once you feel comfortable listening with them, you can practice reading books aloud and become acclimated with your own voice. Only after that should you try engaging in conversation with family members.