Those who use hearing aids have discovered the benefits of these three high-tech features that are revolutionizing modern hearing aids.

Smartphone apps for more control

Because most of us have our smartphones with us round the clock, it only makes sense to have an app that syncs with your hearing aids. These smartphone apps allow hearing aid users to program a variety of functions to get the most out of their listening devices.

The apps vary in functionality, but some features you might find beneficial include hearing aid adjustment, personalized hearing programs, audio connections, and direct communication with an audiologist.

Hearing aids automatically adjust according to sounds in a room, but with hearing aid adjustment, users can manually adjust volume, treble, bass, and more through their smartphone.

Personalized hearing programs take things one step further by enabling users to adjust sound levels to suit their hearing in a particular environment and then save those settings. That way, the next time the user is in that environment—a crowded restaurant with lots of ambient noise, for example—they can simply call up prior saved settings to immediately adjust their listening device to optimal levels.

With audio connections, the user can connect directly to audio sources such as a television, stereo, or a phone call, sending all the sounds directly to the hearing aids.

Finally, the direct audiologist communication feature allows the hearing care provider to perform a hearing test on the user and even remotely adjust or fit the hearing aids. This is incredibly convenient when the user cannot be physically present for an appointment.

Rechargeable hearing aids for more affordability

Nothing is more frustrating than having to constantly buy and replace the tiny button batteries hearing aids require. However, more hearing aid manufacturers are making rechargeable hearing aids. These devices have built-in batteries that do not require removal. Instead, the user docks the hearing aid on a recharging unit at night, just like they would their smartphone.

Rechargeable hearing aids have a longer life than those using disposable batteries, they’re easier to handle for people with dexterity issues, and they’re safer to have around, especially in households where there are young children who might accidentally swallow them.

Tinnitus masking feature for greater comfort

Tinnitus, a condition that is often related to age-related hearing loss, creates a ringing or buzzing sound in the ears. The tinnitus masking feature provides greater comfort and relief from the condition for those who suffer from tinnitus. With the tinnitus masking feature, an audiologist can program the hearing aids to create a kind of sound barrier that masks the ringing in the ears.

Future technology

Advancements in hearing aid technology continue to evolve. As new features emerge, those who depend on hearing aids to enhance their life will enjoy the benefits that this new technology affords them.