When you first try on your new hearing aids, they may be a little uncomfortable as you haven’t heard any sound that clearly in a while. 

However, many people allow this to discourage them from ever using hearing aids.

In fact, one study found that about 40 percent of people aged 55-74 and 80 percent of people aged 55-74 who could benefit from hearing aids never use them, despite many of them being fitted.

Therefore, here are a few tips to navigate common hearing aid challenges and learn to love them.

Select a More Discreet Style

Studies show that appearance is a major reason why most people choose not to wear hearing aids. However, hearing aids in 2021 aren’t the same as hearing aid designs from 10 years ago. Today, there are plenty of sleek and modern styles available, similar to other modern digital technologies like iPhones. 

If you still don’t like the appearance of your hearing aids, you can purchase a more discreet style hearing aid. For example, the Phonak Lyric is a completely invisible hearing aid that sits inside your ear.

Improve Hearing Aid Quality

Another reason most people don’t like wearing their hearing aids is that the sound quality is different.

Part of the problem with this is simply because most people don’t purchase a high-quality hearing aid. For example, if you notice your hearing aid whistles, you might want to purchase one with feedback management. You can also choose a quality hearing aid that reduces background noise and amplifies only the sound of the person you’re conversing with.

Some brands even offer WindGuard or Speech in Wind capabilities, which allow you to hear better outside and reduce wind noise.

Get Them Refitted

If your hearing aids physically feel uncomfortable, one solution may be to have them refitted. The problem may be that the earmold no longer fits or never did fit, so make an appointment with your audiologist for a refitting.

While there is a charge for refitting, it’s a small price to pay if it enables you to wear your hearing aids consistently.

Auditory Rehabilitation

Finally, hearing again can be uncomfortable as you likely haven’t experienced so many stimulations in a long time. It can be exhausting and frustrating, so you may want to consider working with an auditory training specialist. Similar to working out, a specialist will help you adjust to the sound and learn how to use muscles that haven't been activated in a long time.

You’ll also learn how to improve your speech perception and communication, enabling you to readjust to community activities.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve tried hearing aids and didn’t like them, that doesn’t mean that you’ll never like them. The key is to pinpoint what aspects of the hearing aids are uncomfortable and talk with your audiologist to find a solution to the discomfort. While it won’t happen overnight, you’ll eventually learn to love your hearing aids and enjoy the same activities you did before hearing loss.