A common problem for hearing aid users is a "whistling sound" or "feedback" that can annoy or event interfere with the hearing aid's performance. Here are some common causes of whistling in hearing aids:
Man with whistling problems in his hearing aid

Ill-fitting ear pieces

Whistling sounds can be generated when the ear pieces are incorrectly shaped or not well adjusted to the ear canal. The amplified sound coming out of the earmold is picked up again and amplified by the internal microphone which itself generates a sound of increasing intensity until satiation – this is the typical whistling sound that is also referred to as "feedback". To solve this problem, we recommend that you contact your hearing care provider or bring your hearing aids in to Connect Hearing to have them checked and possibly replace faulty earmolds.

Blocked sound tube

When a hearing aid’s sound tube is blocked, sound can no longer be transmitted correctly and produce a bothersome whistle. A thorough cleaning may be needed to resolve the issue or in some cases, the sound tube would need to be replaced, either of which can be done with our audiology staff.

Incorrect settings

Whistling sounds can also be generated by incorrect settings of the hearing aid. We recommend that people visit an audiologist or hearing care professional who have the proper equipment to set the appropriate levels according to one's unique hearing loss.  

Blocked ear canal

Sometimes, the whistling sounds are caused by things that are not directly attributable to the hearing aid. For instance, the whistling sound can be caused by an earwax plug blocking the ear canal. If you suspect that this is cause, it will be necessary to consult with your hearing care provider to have the earwax removed.  Using cotton swabs could further compact the wax making it harder to remove.


If your hearing aid is producing a whistling sound, don't ignore it but have the problem looked at. Every year hearing aids become more and more sophisticated integrating feedback suppression technologies that reduce or eliminate the dreaded whistling sounds.

If you are experiencing whistling or any other issues with your hearing aids, please contact Connect Hearing, regardless of where you purchased them. Our professional staff can suggest possible solutions to get your hearing aids working properly again. Book an appointment today!