Highlights from the Video

Can I have someone accompany me to my appointment at this time, in case of an emergency?
Absolutely! We always want you to have somebody with you. A loved one is always welcome. Right now in our clinics, based on the social distancing, we are allowing you to bring one person with you and we can keep everybody spaced over 6 feet apart. If you have to come into the clinic for a particular reason and we are only allowing one customer in at a time so you don’t have to worry about having too many people inside your space. Of course, we are still doing all of our sanitizing, we disinfect in between every customer.
What about product trials – are they still being offered?
Absolutely! Yes, they are still being offered. Of course, we have to have a hearing test so we can do that remotely. You can go to our Connect Hearing website to get a screening. If you’re a current customer of ours and you would like to trial a new product, you can do that. We can program the hearing aids. We can actually get them programmed and drop them off at your home, without even being in contact with you. Then you’re able to have a trial of them, keep them for a week, see how you do.
What does it mean when my hearing aids beep in my ears?
It’s likely that what that means is that you have to change your battery or your battery is low. If you have a rechargeable battery in your hearing aids and you’re hearing beeps – yeah, then that means that you need to get them charged. If you’re using disposable batteries and you’re hearing beeps, then that means that it’s time to put a new battery in.

More About Audrey

Audrey was a private practice owner since 2005 and in 2019 partnered with Connect Hearing. She is a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist and completed her studies through the International Institute for Hearing Instruments. Continuing her studies, she became Nationally Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences. Audrey is a member of the International Hearing Aid Society and the Florida Society of Hearing Healthcare Professionals.
In addition to her expertise in diagnosing hearing loss, hearing device selection, programming and fittings, Audrey specializes in the counseling of social and psychological effects of hearing loss for her clients and their loved ones.
Audrey receives great joy and professional satisfaction from her humanitarian work over the years in the Audiology field. She has travelled to remote areas of China, Fiji and Alaska to assist those who have no access to audiological care. Audrey is a Senior Hearing Care Provider for the Florida Region and works in our St. Petersburg, Florida clinic.