Highlights from the Video

Is it safe for us to come in to your clinic?
We want you to know that we are doing everything that we can to make sure that our staff and all of our patients are safe.

If you have hearing aids currently and need them to be cleaned, repaired or have any maintenance done on them we are remaining open and offering services such as curbside assistance, home delivery and remote care options. This is to minimize the contact while also making sure we are available for you.

There are a lot of people who need additional assistance, so we are allowing people in our center, but with new safety measures. All our center doors are now staying locked and we are only allowing patients in by appointment. Each patient is allowed one immediate family member/caretaker. We are also spacing out appointments to minimize contact and increasing sanitation measures inbetween appointments.
Can I connect my hearing aids to the television?
Yes, you can! We know that watching TV with a loved one can become a challenge when you have hearing loss. Often times you will need the volume high when they don’t.

With the newest Marvel Phonak hearing aids they have Bluetooth right in the hearing aids. That means you can use your TV Connecter to have the audio from the TV stream directly into your hearing aids. This feature is great because you can turn up the volume with your hearing aids and not disturb the person you are watching television with.

You get a beautiful quality of sound at any time!
What happens at a typical appointment with Connect Hearing?
The first thing we want to do is get to know you. This helps us to thoroughly assess your hearing health needs. We want to know about your day to day life, what your difficulties are, what your environment is life, etc. This is the most important part of any evaluation.

Then we will discuss what we will be doing during your appointment. We usually start off with an otoscopy, which means we look inside your ears. If we see a wax build up we work the best we can to clear that up for you.

Then we will put you into our sound booth and do a complete hearing evaluation. After the evaluation if you have hearing loss that warrants hearing aids we will let you demo some in our office. That way you can test out our product before you make a decision. Lastly, before you leave we will give options based off of the degree of your hearing loss and different price points.

More About Jody

Dr. Jody Pogue is a board certified Doctor of Audiology currently working as the Senior Hearing Care Provider in Denton, Texas. She has been with Connect Hearing since 2014. In addition to this role, Dr. Pogue also teaches undergraduate and doctoral audiology courses at the University of North Texas.

For the past several years, Dr. Pogue has passionately provided hearing healthcare with a focus on hearing aids and tinnitus management. She has served on missions to Haiti and other under served populations.  Dr. Pogue lives in Corinth, Texas with her husband of 30 years, her 8 year old grandson, and their cat, Mr. Spock.