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What are Telehealth Services?
We are able to do some of our testing remotely. We now can fine-tune and recalibrate hearing aids remotely. So while you are safe at home and we are in our clinic, we can log into some hearing aids and make adjustments as needed. We also have other appointment types that we can do remotely. We’ve got some wonderful video calls, almost like Facetime or Zoom where we can connect with you and look at your hearing aids from a distance and walk you through the process of cleaning or any troubleshooting that we can do remotely.
I’m currently undergoing chemo(therapy), which produces a maddening ringing in my ears. What can I do about this?
Well, most of the time we refer to the ringing or any other noises in your ears, we call those tinnitus.  That ringing in your ears sometimes has to do with a hearing loss and when you’ve undergone chemo, sometimes that can induce that hearing loss. Other times it’s not related to the hearing loss. So always the first place to check is with a hearing test. That way we can identify what’s going on and then as far as the ringing goes, there’s a lot of options for it. 
How about connecting the hearing aids to the TV?
Most hearing aids have the ability to connect to TVs, cell phones, other devices like your computer or your iPad or your tablet. Most hearing aids, some of the newest ones, use Bluetooth so they directly connect in and then you can stream whatever you like – you could be streaming this (video) from your hearing aids right now, instead of listening through the speakers or the headphones. Same thing with the TV, it connects directly to the hearing aids. There are definitely ways to connect to a lot of devices.

More About Rachel

Rachel has practiced as a Hearing Care Provider for more than 9 years. Since 2014 she has worked for Connect Hearing in the Austin, TX area and takes pride in the many people she has been able to care for.