We recently launched a new telehealth service that allows us to provide hearing tests remotely. Even patients with minimal tech experience find our online services easy to use and much more efficient. We will explain the process in detail below. 

While we have switched to a mainly online approach for the duration of the coronavirus, we do still offer some emergency appointments. Here are some preventative measures we are taking at the clinic.

Clinic Precautions

At this time, we are only accepting emergency appointments from current patients, healthcare workers, and other essential service workers. 

However, we will continue to offer curbside pickups and drop-offs for all patients. Inside the clinic, we perform rigorous sanitation routines and require that both patients and providers use masks and gloves inside the building.

Online Hearing Tests

We are delighted to embrace remote care opportunities, and our online hearing tests have been very popular among patients. The entire exam takes very little time to complete, and you will then receive a pre-adjusted hearing aid at your door within a few days. Here’s how the process works:
Step 1: Take The Test
Go to www.connecthearing.com/online-hearing-test/ to take the test. The only equipment you will need for the test is a pair of headphones. You’ll hear various tones testing three different frequencies and receive instant results when you submit the test.

Step 2: Receive a Set of Phonak Hearing Aids
When you submit your test, the results are automatically sent to a Hearing Care Provider (HCP) who will program a set of Phonak Hearing Aids for you. Once programmed, we will send the hearing aids to your doorstep for a free product trial.
Step 3: Download The App
Once you receive your Phonak Hearing Aids, download the MyPhonak app. The app has several features, such as remote control, usage statistics, and even a Hearing Diary.

Step 4: Your Hearing Care Professional Makes Adjustments
When a new patient comes to the clinic to wear hearing aids for the first time, we usually schedule several follow up appointments to adjust it for comfort.
Our remote services are no different.

Only, instead of coming into the clinic, you can talk to your HCP through video conferencing software and perform regular hearing tests through the MyPhonak app.

Based on the results, your HCP can make real-time adjustments to your hearing aid settings in the MyPhonak App.

Step 5: Continued Adjustments For The Trial Duration
During the duration of the trial, your HCP will continue to adjust your hearing aids. At the end of the trial period, you can choose to keep them or send them back. If you decide to keep them, we’ll discuss invoicing and insurance over the phone.


As you can see, our online process is super simple and requires very little technical knowledge. We have received an overwhelmingly positive response to our new online hearing test and always welcome suggestions on how we can better serve you. Know that you still have the full support of the entire Connect Hearing team throughout the process.

If you have any further questions regarding our new telehealth services, please contact our office.