The problem is the elastic bands on a face mask can catch on your hearing aids, causing the mask to pull hearing aids out when you remove it.

You may wind up having your hearing aids get lost, destroyed, or accidentally left behind in parking lots.

Here’s how to wear a face mask with less worry if you have hearing aids.

Use Care When Putting on and Taking off Your Face Mask

When you put on your mask, make sure it doesn’t catch on your hearing aids.

Check your hearing aids occasionally to ensure they are still in place with your mask.

When exiting an establishment, don’t immediately take your mask off. Wear it on the way to your car, and don’t remove it until you are inside.

Even if your hearing aids do get caught on the bands of the face mask and fall out, you are more likely to find them if they are still in your car.

Using Different Kinds of Face Masks

Consider getting a mask that is secured with something other than elastic bands. For instance, cloth ties shouldn't interfere with the ears since they attach behind your head.

Other options are available, according to the Association of American Association of Retired Persons (AARP). Try a special mask that relies on an alligator clip that attaches hearing aids to clothing and protects your devices from falling out.

Along with the issue of losing your hearing aids, consider that you may need to be able to read the lips of people you talk to in order to understand them better. Ask your friends and family if they would be willing to purchase a clear mask that would allow you to read their lips when they speak.

Embrace Alternative Shopping

If you are not comfortable wearing face masks with your hearing aids, look for modes of living during social distancing where you don’t have to wear a face mask.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore the importance of wearing masks.

Many people are continuing to stay at home even as counties and states reopen. If you use mobile shopping apps for delivery or are buying online from stores that let you pick up curbside, you shouldn’t have to worry about wearing masks as often as you would if you shopped inside brick-and-mortar stores.

Instead of grabbing takeout, order delivery. You can also use the drive-thru option at some pharmacies, banks, and restaurants to avoid the issue of having to wear a face mask.

In Closing

Use caution when putting on and taking off your face mask so it doesn’t catch on your hearing aids. Consider using different kinds of masks.

If nothing else works, seek out alternative options for shopping, dining, and socializing, so you don’t need to rely on a mask as much as you would if you were in public.