Over the past few months we at Connect Hearing have been working hard to give you the same great service, but with extra precautions in place. While we have not changed our quality of service the way we serve our patients has expanded to include Telehealth options, curbside assistance, and at-home delivery.

Not only have we found several innovative ways to accommodate our patients during these unprecedented times, but we’ve also made sure to stay connected in various ways! Staying connected has allowed us to keep up to date with our patient base and make a difference in our communities.

Our center in Middletown, OH is making a difference in their community through the service they are continuously giving to their patients.

Audiologist, Gwendolyn Dawson says that many of their patients call about their concern regarding friends and family that are cut off from others at this time due to their hearing loss. By our current patients spreading the word about healthy hearing to new patients this has allowed us to expand our reach in the community significantly! But, even though we have been able to stay active in our community we have still faced challenges.
One of those challenges has been keeping in touch with current patients and building relationships with our new patients. It’s so much easier when we are able to see our patients face to face, but that is not always possible now. Because of that, we have found that phone calls are essential!
Unfortunately, many of our patients have been unable to see family members for quite some time and are deeply touched that we are checking in on them regularly. We have even had the children of our patients calling to tell us how much they appreciate us reaching out to their parents.
​It has been very rewarding to work on building our relationships with our patients and staying connected during this time. This has given us the unique opportunity to be available to provide service to patients coming from other practices. These new patients we have gained over these past few months have been amazed to find someone to help them and have now switched to Connect Hearing for their hearing healthcare as they know we will be here!

We commit to continuing to serve you all with the same great care and efficiency that we have offered thus far.