Sound has always been extremely important to television director, Thomas J. Wright. Here he shares his experience with his new Phonak Paradise hearing aids.Thomas is an expert in sound, having worked on TV Shows such as Millenium, Supernatural, and The X-Files. He is also a published author and voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (i.e. The Oscars).
Like many people, it was a family member who made the difference by encouraging Thomas to address his hearing difficulties: which led him to Connect Hearing: “I discovered I had hearing loss because my wife kept bugging me about it. She continued to bug me, until finally I gave in,” Thomas explains. “I tried an in-ear instant fit product as a short fix, but those were terrible and very uncomfortable."
That’s when Thomas picked up the phone and called Connect Hearing in Beverly Hills, CA. His Hearing Care Provider, William Dodd explained that when Thomas visited Connect Hearing he was only wearing his hearing aids two to three hours a day because of the lack of comfort. “The fact that these new Paradise aids give Thomas that added comfort is a big deal. After trying everything imaginable with his previous devices it’s great to see,” says William.
After being fitted with Phonak Audéo Paradise Thomas noticed a difference right away. Unlike the hearing aids he’d worn previously, he is now able to adjust the sound to his liking. This was a big problem before because Thomas deals with sound on a regular basis on the sets of TV shows. Not having any control over the sound on his previous hearing aids meant regular calls to William for help. “I know I bug him crazy, but he’s truly been great. He’s always willing to help and he’s been absolutely fantastic. He’s really taken care of me,” says Thomas.

Newfound comfort with Phonak Audéo Paradise

The level of control that he now has over sound is great. With the assistance of his Hearing Care Provider, William Dodd, he has been using the myPhonak app and the Bluetooth capabilities of the Paradise hearing aids to customize his sound experience to his unique needs, including making phone calls, much clearer compared to his previous hearing aids.
Thomas also loves how comfortable they are, recalling: “I can fall asleep with them in and not even notice! l get up in the morning and say, Oops, didn’t know I still had these in!”
When asked if he would recommend Connect Hearing and Phonak Audéo Paradise to a friend Thomas’ face lit up. “Well, of course! I’d tell them they better get over here! Come see William if you’re lucky enough to get him. Customer service has always been important to me and I’ve received the best ever here. These hearing aids are also just as wonderful. They’re comfortable and have great sound."