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Unitron Moxi™ Fit R Hearing Aid Review

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Unitron Moxi™ Fit R Hearing Aid Review

On February 24th, 2017, Unitron released a new rechargeable version of its popular Moxi Fit hearing aids, the Moxi Fit R. As part of our hearing aid review series, we’re sharing our thoughts on this exciting new product. Read on to learn what sets this hearing aid apart and find out if it might be right for you.


  • Easy “set and forget” usage
  • Effortless listening and great sound – especially in conversations
  • Hassle-free rechargeable option with the ability to swap out regular batteries
  • Easy wireless connectivity

Moxi Fit R Overview

Moxi Fit R Hearing Aids Sit Behind the Ear

The Moxi Fit and Fit R are RIC hearing aids, with a small body that sits behind the ear. These hearing aids are smooth, lightweight and comfortable, with easy-to-find controls. They fit a wide range of hearing loss, from mild to severe, and come in a variety of colors like beige, espresso, and platinum to blend in with your skin or hair.

Moxi Fit R: Unitron's First Rechargeable Hearing Aid

The new Moxi Fit R is Unitron's first rechargeable hearing aid and reportedly the smallest rechargeable on the market.* This is a great option if you find changing batteries to be cumbersome. Just pop your hearing aids in the charger at night and you’re good to go in the morning.

Battery life is great: a full 24 hours or longer, even with up to 90 minutes of streaming. And one rechargeable battery is estimated to last a year. Because we all sometimes forget to charge our devices, the rechargeable battery can be swapped out for a regular size 675 battery on the fly. Even better, the technology is backward compatible, so if you have a previous Moxi Fit model, you can make it rechargeable with the addition of a simple kit – just bring your hearing aids into your local center.

Sound Experience

This new release has an upgraded technology platform powering the hearing aids for a better sound experience, particularly in conversations. There are two areas where this new platform, called Tempus, has made big jumps forward: adjusting to the sound environment and determining the source of sounds. For the wearer, this translates to very natural, fluid hearing. As you move from quiet to noisy settings, the hearing aid program changes automatically to the best program, or set of hearing aid settings. And sounds come across naturally, thanks to the improvements to sound localization.


Use the Moxi Fit R hearing aids with the uControl appMoxi Fit R wirelessly connects to Bluetooth compatible cell phones, tablets, and TVs for easy streaming and features a telecoil to connect to hearing loops.

Tech-savvy wearers will appreciate the uControl™ 2.0 app which can be used to adjust hearing aid volume and fine tune hearing aid programs. You can also use the app to rate your experience in different listening environments and leave comments. These reviews are submitted to your Hearing Care Professional, who can then use them to fine-tune your hearing aid.

Comparing Moxi Fit R Models: Pro, 800, 700, 600, and 500

Moxi Fit R comes in five technology levels. The higher the model number, the more advanced features you get. For a full list of specifications by model number, take a look at the spec sheet. (Unitron’s glossary can help you understand each feature.)

This is Unitron’s overview of the technology levels:

Moxi Fit R models: 800, 700, 600, 500

Here are a few key differences among technology levels:

  • Pro and 800 each offer seven automatic programs under SoundNav. You lose the automatic music environment with the mid-range 700, while the 600 offers only conversation in quiet, conversation in noise, and quiet. The entry-level 500 only features the default AutoMic program.
  • Premium models offer the most advanced speech localization technology. The Pro offers the new SpeechPro system, while the 800 and 700 respectively feature its predecessors, SpeechZone2 and SpeechZone.
  • Binaural Phone, which streams phone conversations to both ears, is not available on the 500 model.
  • Pro and 800 models feature 20 channels, the 700 features 16, 600 features 10 and the 500 features 6. (Channels in hearing aids are similar the pixels on a screen: The more there are, the more precisely the sound can be fine-tuned.)

Are Moxi Fit R Hearing Aids Right for You?

These hearing aids are comfortable, automatic, and easy-to-use, with truly innovative and natural sounding technology. The Moxi Fit R rechargeable is an especially good fit for individuals with dexterity issues: Without the need to change batteries, there’s less handling of small parts. Combined with its automatic listening technology, this makes it one of the most reliable "set and forget" options on the market - pop these hearing aids on in the morning and don’t think about them again until you take them off at night. As a result, we highly recommend the Moxi Fit R to both new hearing aid wearers and those who have been wearing them for years.

Try Unitron Moxi Fit R Hearing Aids Free

The best way to find out if hearing aids are right for you is to experience them! Try these hearing instruments absolutely free at any of our nationwide locations and take them home for 14 days. Simply fill out the form above or call 1-888-426-6632 to schedule your free hearing consultation.

*Moxi Fit R is the smallest rechargeable hearing instrument in the world based on exterior dimensions, compared to other products in its class.

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