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Myths About Hearing Aids

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Many people find it hard to bring themselves to buy a hearing aid and use a whole range of excuses to justify their actions. Not all their statements are wholly false. However, these excuses often don't apply to the latest technology. Many "truths" that you hear today about hearing aids are outdated and stem from a time when hearing aids worked using the old analog technology. We have put together a few outmoded opinions for you and added the right answers.

Myth: "Hearing aids create new problems without solving the old ones"

Truth: Just because a family member, acquaintance or friend doesn't like his hearing aid, doesn't mean that everyone has problems with them. Choose a digital hearing aid with the latest technology and take advice from a licensed hearing professional. You will get a great deal of pleasure from your hearing aid.

Myth: "Hearing aids are much too expensive"

Truth: Hearing aids are technologically advanced electronic devices. They represent a significant financial investment. This is especially true if you don't have insurance that can cover part of the cost. So make sure you have your licensed hearing professional show you a range of devices in different price categories.

Myth: "Hearing aids are complicated"

Truth: Modern digital hearing aids are much simpler to operate than earlier models. The devices automatically recognize whether you are in a room or on the move outdoors and adjust the volume accordingly. Analog devices, on which you were always having to press one button or another, are a thing of the past.

Myth: "If you wear a hearing aid, background noises sound much too loud"

Truth: Old, analog devices did in fact amplify all noises. This meant that background noises were often uncomfortably loud. Modern digital devices amplify what you want to hear and reliably filter out background noises.

Myth: "Hearing aids whistle in your ear"

Truth: Modern digital devices eliminate the whistling just as reliably as they do annoying background noises. They ensure maximum hearing comfort in every situation.

Myth: "I don't need a hearing aid"

Truth: Many people deceive themselves and those around them out of a sense of false pride. They reduce their quality of life and become a burden upon friends and family members because there is a great deal that they can no longer properly understand. Early intervention makes sense and protects the brain against long-term damage. Take a hearing test and consult with a hearing professional. You will be amazed at the difference and kick yourself for not having taken this step much earlier.

Myth: "A hearing aid will make me look old!"

Truth: Hearing loss has nothing to do with age. Today more and more young people are suffering from hearing loss. This may be because they have listened to loud music for too long, for example. Modern hearing aids are increasingly becoming trendy accessories. They can be small and discreet or bright and eye-catching, so they fit in perfectly with every lifestyle.

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