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One or Two Hearing Aids?

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Are two hearing aids really better than one? 

We get this question from clients regularly. Often, their hearing specialist has recommended two hearing aids and they ask whether the benefit outweighs the increased cost. The answer is usually yes: one hearing aid simply can't do the work of two.

The reason comes down to the way our auditory system is designed. For the brain to process information properly, it needs balanced input from both ears. The two ears work together to create a complete picture of the sound environment. Hearing with just one hearing aid erases part of this picture, just as if you only had one ear.

Two devices protect against further damage.

With one hearing aid, you often have to turn the volume up a long way to compensate for the missing second device. For this reason, people who only wear one hearing aid often complain that everything they hear is too loud. With two hearing aids you can reduce the volume at any time and thereby protect your hearing against further damage.

More reasons to wear two hearing aids:

Wearing binaural hearing aids (hearing aids in both ears) can make real world listening easier in a number of ways. With a hearing aid in each ear, you may experience the following, in addition to a more natural balance of sound:

  • Better understanding of speech and conversation in noisy situations
  • Better locate the source of sounds (this is called "localization")  
  • Wearing two hearing aids allows you to reduce the volume on both by about 10dB
  • It takes less effort to listen
  • Reduction of tinnitus, or ringing in the ears

Try a second hearing aid, absolutely free!

Curious about whether investing in a second hearing aid is worth it for you? At Connect Hearing, you can try a second hearing aid for two weeks with no obligation to purchase. Simply call 1-888-426-6632 to get started.

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