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Put your clear hearing to work with these 8 jobs

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Put your clear hearing to work with these 8 jobs

If you wear hearing aids, then you know that healthy hearing can open up a world of new opportunities. One of the biggest advantages? It’s now easier to communicate with others – which is especially helpful if your one of the growing number of retirees looking for post-retirement work.  

While the initial buzz of retirement can be fun, you’ll want to figure out productive ways to spend your spare time. If you’re looking to supplement your income, pay for a nice vacation, or simply give back to your community, why not consider taking on a full- or part-time job?

These days, a growing number of aging adults are doing so. The best part? Retirement often means a lot of the pressure has been lifted, giving you more freedom to find something that feels more flexible – and more like fun – than your old daily grind.

If you’re thinking about working again, here are a few ways you can put your good hearing to use, and make a little extra money during your golden years.  

Umpire, referee or score-keeper

What better time to lean into your love of the game – and help others improve theirs – than retirement?

High schools, local youth leagues, and amateur leagues need to fill referee, umpire, and score-keeping roles during all seasons. Start by checking in with these area organizations to see if they have any open positions.

Typically, umpires, referees and score-keepers an expect to work two or three hours during games, which typically take place in the late afternoons or on weekends. Pay can range anywhere from $30 - $50 per game, depending on the league. 

If you’re up for the challenge of expecting the unexpected (think: weather—and parents of the players), this is a great gig to keep you busy, and might even give you the chance to get out of town a little more frequently. Some light training or a certification process may be involved, depending on the city and state where you live.  

Where you can get started:


Currently, tutors are in-demand for everything from core subjects like math, science and English to foreign languages and more

Some tutor positions require only a high school education, while others may require bachelor’s or master’s degrees. To find in-person tutoring jobs, you can search on job posting sites like Indeed.com. You can also contact the office of the local high school to see if they need extra hands on deck.

With an increasingly competitive landscape for college admission, there are a growing number of online tutoring sites that connect students with qualified tutors. How do they work? When a student needs help with homework, he or she can enter a grade level and subject, and they will be matched with the appropriate tutor in a secure online classroom. From there, the tutor can help the student by drawing problems on an interactive whiteboard, sharing files to review essays and papers, and exploring for resources online together.

Where you can get started:

Work-from-home sales or service representative

A relatively simple way to earn some extra income from home – on a schedule you control – is work-from-home customer service representative positions. 

With a growing demand for remote workers, including from many reputable organizations like Amazon and American Express, it’s not difficult to find part-time (or full-time) customer service and sales representative roles. Finding remote sales or service roles is as easy as heading over to any of the major hiring sites or job posting boards, listed below. You may encounter some listings that may sound too good to be true – so be sure to read up on how to avoid work from home job scams.

Where you can get started:

Online juror

While they might not pay as much as writing or customer service, but what online juror gigs lack in cash, they make up for with flair. Your job as a juror? To simply react to case evidence, themes, arguments, and testimonies. 

There are a number of companies that will pay you to sit on “mock juries” and provide feedback to attorneys and other jury consultants. This helps those working on the case come up with a jury selection strategy, while giving you a way to earn some extra cash, and lend your input and opinion. 

Where you can get started:

Writer, editor or proofreader

If you enjoy writing or proofreading, the opportunities for work these days are virtually endless. Starting your search is as easy as heading to the writing/editing section of Craigslist, or visiting freelance writing platforms like Zerys.com. With a prolific number of websites that help connect writers and editors to long and short-term jobs, it’s easy to find gigs that will pay and fit your schedule.  

Where you can get started:

Dog-walker or pet-sitter

If you’re an animal-lover, good news: there’s a lot of opportunities out there to make a little money interacting with furry friends. Many pet-owners need a little help to ensure their furry friends get some fresh air during the day. For this role, expect to get plenty of exercise – and possibly walk more than one dog at a time.

If you’re interested in longer interactions with animals, pet-sitting is another option. Duties usually include feeding, filling water bowls, cleaning out cages or litter boxes, exercising, and of course, giving some TLC to the pets you’re watching. 

Where you can get started:

Working at your old job part-time or freelance consulting

If you’ve got a specific set of skills, you can easily put them to work – without actually taking on a full-time role again. Many retirees use contacts from their former business or profession – combined with their expertise – to find work. While some may choose to work part-time at their old company, others may find different opportunities within their industry, or as consultants in the nonprofit sector.

At the end of the day, it can be quite satisfying to do what you love, make money and help others in the process.

Where you can get started:

Consider contacting your old employer. Or, break out the rolodex and call a few of your top contacts to see if they know of anyone in need of your unique skill set. 

As you look for work, don’t forget—an update in your job situation may require an update in your hearing technology. Learn more about the options available by downloading your free copy of our Hearing Aid Buyer’s Guide.

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