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We review the Phonak Naída™ B

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We review the Phonak Naída™ B

Phonak has long been known for taking pride in developing hearing solutions that make a difference through research, expert engineering and design excellence. Naída™ B – the newest addition from Phonak for severe to profound hearing loss – demonstrates the company’s dedication to supporting all hearing aid users through advanced features and comprehensive, 5th generation power hearing technology.  

Essential features at a glance:

  • Available in three performance levels
  • Made from high-tech composite materials – highly durable
  • Rechargeable RIC model available
  • Made for severe to profound hearing loss

3 powerful hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss

The Naída line has consistently been a top pick among reviewers and users, and the newest model from Phonak continues its tradition of delivering quality performance with a convenient and wide-ranging selection. Plus, the rechargeable RIC model offers a full 24 hours* of use after just a three-hour charge. Naída B comes in three unique styles and power levels, including:

  • Naída B-UP (Ultrapower)
  • Naída B-SP (Superpower)
  • NEW Naída B-R RIC (Rechargeable, receiver-in-canal)

With several options available, Naída B empowers users with severe to profound hearing loss to find a hearing aid that provides clarity, performance and a true fit for their unique hearing abilities. 

Dedicated power hearing technology

When it comes to hearing aids that drive powerful performance required for severe to profound hearing loss, the Naída B from Phonak goes above and beyond.

First, it’s worth mentioning that Naída B is powered by the innovative technology of the Phonak Belong platform.   

Additionally, Naída B includes several automatic and manual programs to accommodate changing environments, with a focus on improving speech intelligibility in noise. Some of this model’s groundbreaking features include:

  • SoundRecover2: This feature focuses on delivering crisp, high-quality high-pitched sounds specifically for those with severe to profound hearing loss. This means a child’s voice, birds chirping and other high-pitched sounds that may have faded will be much easier to hear again.
  • Binaural VoiceStream Technology™: This feature allows for both hearing aids to communicate with one another in real-time so that you can hear speech in both ears- For improved speech understanding in challenging environments

With dedicated power hearing features, this instrument takes into account all of the most important needs a person with severe hearing loss would have, and packages them into a sleek device that provides stellar amplification, clear sound quality, reliability and compatibility.

Try the all-new Naída B by Phonak risk-free for 2 weeks* at any of our nationwide locations! Visit our dedicated Naída B page to learn more, or call 1-888-426-6632 to schedule your free hearing consultation.

* Expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time.
**Certain types of hearing loss may require a hearing instrument model that is not appropriate for the 2-Week Free Trial. Complimentary Hearing Evaluation required. See clinic for details. Lyric excluded.
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