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Tips for Hearing Aid Use

Left & Right Hearing Aid Guide

  • Your hearing aids will be color-coded to indicate which is right and which is left. Red is right and blue is left. Click to print a reminder graphic.
  • Hearing aids should be inserted when you awake and removed before going to sleep (after you have successfully adjusted to wearing hearing aids). For instructions on inserting and removing your specific hearing aids, please see our Product Manuals [link].
  • At the end of the day, hearing aids should be cleaned and placed in their case or drying kit with the battery door open to help reduce moisture. VIDEO: How to clean your hearing aids [LINK]
  • Protect hearing aids from moisture and dirt, which can damage electronic components. Never wear hearing aids while bathing or swimming.
  • Store your batteries away from heat and humidity, but avoid placing them in the refrigerator. Safety Note: Batteries can be deadly if ingested. They should always be stored out of reach from small children and disposed of carefully.
  • Do not remove battery tabs until you are ready to insert them. Allow hearing aids to sit for one full minute before inserting them to let them absorb oxygen and become activated.
  • Open the battery door when hearing aids are not in use to preserve battery life and reduce moisture.
  • Batteries should last 5-10 days. Talk to your Hearing Care Professional if yours last less.

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