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Customer Testimonials

Hear what people are saying.

Our mission is simple: to help you restore and preserve your ability to hear clearly.

Thanks to modern technology and a dedicated team of Hearing Care Professionals, we have helped hundreds of clients reconnect with the sounds they love the most. Hear their stories here.


Discover a world of better hearing.

Pairing you with the right technology is only a part of what we do. We believe in giving you the insights you need and service you deserve so you can live your life to the fullest, just like these satisfied customers.

“I have a fullness of life after getting my hearing aids. It’s been a blessing for me—because you have to hear what people are saying, the sounds of birds and animals—to appreciate your family and your friends. That’s the greatest blessing and happiness of life.”

-Shirley Winkelman

“Coming here was a very good decision! The staff is awesome! They really care and really want to help you to hear. They are also very knowledgeable about their product, answer questions, and explain things thoroughly. Service here goes way beyond my past hearing aid place.”

-Charlene Maly

“Now I can hear what people are talking about.”

-Tom Brown

“I lost hearing in my left ear when I broke my head and sustained a traumatic brain injury. [Now] I can hear again! Granted, it’s not the same as before my accident, but it’s a lot better to hear with my aids than it is to struggle without them.”

-Sydney Jones

“From the start, you realize that they were not there just to sell you a hearing aid (anybody can do that), but to bring back your hearing to the best possible level.”

-Bob Myer

For these past three years I have struggled with hearing aids set incorrectly...I had reached the point of no longer listening to music or attending the movie theatre because of an inability to decipher the loud garble. I am now wearing better-fitting aids that are a joy to wear and they have improved my hearing enormously.

-Catherine Kelly

“I [have been] a hearing aid recipient for years; and I do appreciate a good health care provider. I enjoy coming to [the Connect Hearing] office and getting the help I need.”

-Helen Thomson

"If you want quality hearing aids backed up by a great warranty and great after-the-sale customer service, this is the place to go. The hearing care professionals know their offerings backwards and forwards, and will always find you just the right selection from their first-class product line."

-John Kimel

"Always friendly, informative, caring, eager to help me hear better, but not pushy! I got new hearing aids that are rechargeable and I love them. I can hear better than ever. If I do have any problems, I know that I can go to my hearing care professional and she will help me! Thanks for a job well done!"

-Demcie Re

Enjoy top-rated service.

We've received top marks from Consumer Reports for hearing evaluations, discussion of options, staff courtesy, and follow-upadjustment availability.

Consumer Reports

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