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Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct Hearing Aids

Phonak Audéo™ B-Direct Hearing Aids

Audéo B-Direct is the first-ever hearing aid made for all phones.

Powered by Phonak’s Belong technology that is enhanced with the proprietary SWORD™ 2.4 GHz radio chip, this made-for-all (MFA) hearing instrument, Audéo™ B-Direct, allows you to easily connect to any Bluetooth® cell phone* and TV without wearing a body worn streamer. Clear sound performance and wireless connectivity make Phonak’s Audéo B-Direct a top choice for hearing aid users who crave the freedom to multitask. 

Universal connectivity - compatible with any Bluetooth® phone, not just iPhones.

Audéo™ B-Direct is the first hearing aid on the market that easily connects to any cell phone with Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology and most older Bluetooth® phones. Connectivity is achieved via Bluetooth Classic, a protocol that has been standard in every cell phone manufactured in the last decade. 

Hands-free Calling

Hear the phone ringing directly in your hearing aid and answer the call without having to touch your phone. With a simple push of a button, turn Audéo™ B-Direct into a wireless headset. Your voice is picked up by the hearing aid microphones and then streamed to the phone. Truly have real hands-free conversations.

Easy excellent television connectivity and sound quality.

With the help of Phonak’s proprietary AirStream™ Technology, the new TV Connector eliminates the need to use body-worn streaming devices to connect to your television.

Connector for hearing aid to TV

The wireless television solution provided by Audéo™ B-Direct and the new TV Connector accessory,  is eight times easier to use than leading industry competitors. Connection happens automatically when the device is within range of your television – no click is required. Enjoy excellent TV sound quality streamed straight from your hearing aids.

Driven by AutoSense OS™

The cutting-edge AutoSense OS™ operating system, automatically adjusts the Audéo™ B-Direct aids to any listening environment for a clear, natural listening experience. Sounds are analyzed every 0.4 seconds and draws upon multiple features, blending them to create over 200 settings to precisely match sound environments.

Phonak’s Audéo™ B-Direct comes in a variety of colors, fitting ranges, and receiver options.

(*) with Bluetooth® 4.2 wireless technology and most older Bluetooth phones

Audéo B-Direct At a Glance

Style: Receiver-in-canal (RIC)
Fitting Range: Mild to severe hearing loss
Key Features: AutoSense OS™, Environmental Balance, Speech in Noise, SoundRecover2, NoiseBlock
Models: Audéo™ B-Direct xS (Standard), xP (UltraPower),xUP (external receiver)
Performance Levels: Premium (B90), Advanced (B70), Standard (B50)
Tinnitus Features: Tinnitus Balance noise generator

Try Audéo™ B-Direct FREE

Try Audéo™ B Direct hearing aids absolutely free – no risk, no money down – at any of our nationwide hearing centers. Call 1-888-426-6632 or fill out the form to get started!

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