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Phonak Virto™ B Hearing Aids

Phonak Virto™ B Hearing Aids

Phonak Virto™ B: World’s first hearing aids with Biometric Calibration

Built on Phonak’s Belong platform,  the Virto™ B is precisely calibrated to your individual ear anatomy for better hearing performance. Along with the Virto™ B-Titanium, these customizable hearing aids provide a comfortable fit.

Each ear is unique

Customizable hearing aids are extremely important since each ear is unique and perceives sounds differently. The distinctive characteristics of our ear anatomy has an influence on how sound is captured, directed towards your ear drum and converted into information that the brain can understand.

With the Virto™ B, individual ear anatomy and hearing needs are taken into account.

Increased accuracy and precision

Software extracts 1,600 biometric data points from the scan of your ear impression and they are used to calculate the unique calibration settings for each Virto™ B hearing aid.

Calibration settings ensure increased accuracy & precision providing a 2-dB improvement in directionality compared to Phonak products without Biometric Calibration¹. The 2-db advancement minimizes background noise and the focus is centered on what the wearer wants to hear.

A hearing aid that fits perfectly ultimately provides the best listening experience and sound quality.

Driven by AutoSense OS™

The cutting-edge AutoSense OS operating system, automatically adjusts the Virto™ B  aids to any listening environment for a clear, natural listening experience. Sounds are analyzed every 0.4 seconds and draws upon multiple features, blending them to create over 200 settings to precisely match sound environments.

Phonak’s Virto™ B comes in a variety of colors, fitting ranges, and receiver options.

¹Field Study News under development. Full details available in August 2017 at https://www.phonakpro.com/us/en/resources/information-forms/evidence.html. Please contact claims@phonak.com if you are interested in further information

Virto™ B At a Glance

Style: In the Ear (ITE), In the Canal (ITC)
Fitting Range: Mild to profound hearing loss
Key Features: AutoSense OS™, WhistleBlock, Speech in Noise, SoundRecover2, NoiseBlock
Models: Virto B 10, 10 O, 10 NW O, 13, 312, 312 NW O
Performance Levels: Premium (B90), Advanced (B70), Standard (B50), Essential (B30)
Tinnitus Features: Tinnitus Balance

Try Virto™ B RISK-FREE!

Try Virto B hearing aids risk-free with our 45-day money-back guarantee. Call 1-888-426-6632 or fill out the form to get started!

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