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Widex Hearing Aids

Widex is one of the world's most respected manufacturers of hearing instruments. Since 1956, Widex hearing aids have helped millions of adults and children with industry-leading innovations that have had a profound impact on the hearing aid industry. As a result of the company's outstanding past performance, the Widex name is today synonymous with superior technological achievements.

Why Widex?

Widex has conquered a number of hearing aid milestones, including designing the world’s first hearing aid for babies. From mild to severe hearing loss, to single-sided deafness, to tinnitus solutions, Widex has hearing aids to fit any unique situation. They also offer a number of technologically advanced features, like connecting your hearing aid to your smartphone.

Widex also offers valuable accessories to help you achieve your best hearing yet, including DEX™ assistive listening devices, hearing aid batteries, and even an electronic drying station for your hearing aids. Each of their products is designed to adapt to any situation and environment to produce a clean, high-quality sound.

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