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Cost of Hearing Aids

Get the best value for your dollar, guaranteed.

If you’re shopping for hearing aids, you likely have a number of questions about your investment will be, such as: How much will my hearing aids really cost? How can I be sure I’m getting the best price on my hearing aids? Why do prices vary so much? Will insurance or Medicare cover hearing aids? What payment options are available?

At Connect Hearing, you’ll find hearing aids for every budget as well as financing options to help you pay. And you’ll never buy a hearing aid without trying it first absolutely free!

Factors Affecting Hearing Aid Cost

The price range of hearing aids is wide: roughly $1250 to $3300 per hearing aid. Factors that can affect the price of hearing aids include technology level, features, style of hearing aid and size. Unsurprisingly, hearing aids on the bleeding edge of technology tend to be pricier than models with less advanced features. Small in-the-ear hearing aids that may need to be custom fit also tend to cost more than behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aids.

As with any purchase, you will need to weigh your personal budget against wants and needs. Your Hearing Care Professional is there to advise you on which options will provide optimal hearing and include features that will truly improve your everyday usage

What’s Really Included in the Cost of Your Hearing Aids?

When considering the price of hearing aids, be sure to note the level of aftercare and ongoing service you will receive with the aid. If you need multiple adjustments to get a perfect fit, will these be included? What about repairs? We stay with you every step of the way by including extensive aftercare, including adjustments, 3 years of batteries and a 3-year warranty as part of the Connect Advantage program included with your hearing aid purchase.

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