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AudioNova Blu BTE

Enjoy AudioNova B’s great sound quality and even more settings

  • Rechargeable models available 
  • Telecoil model available
  • Quick, Stable charging for all day use
  • Hassle Free
AudioNova B-PR will be our third rechargeable form factor on the AudioNova B platform. It is designed for clients that prefer a BTE, and want the convenience of rechargeability.
AudioNova B-UP rounds out the BTE family for those with greater amplification needs. It’s powered by a traditional 675 battery and includes telecoil to provide AudioNova B’s great sound quality in even more settings.
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AudioNova Blu BTE: At a Glance

  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
  • AudioNova Blu UP
  • AudioNova Blu PR
Performance Levels
Premium (90)
Advanced (70)
Standard (50)
Essential (30)