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AudioNova DX

Stylish, comfortable and easy to use.

  • Connect via Bluetooth to your favorite devices
  • Hands Free Calls
  • Stereo media streaming
  • Hearing Remote App 
  • Now Available in Receiver-in-Canal, Behind-the-Ear, and In-the-Canal models
The new family of AudioNova DX hearing aids are easy to use and stylish to wear. Choose from different technology levels that best suite your hearing and lifestyle needs. These cutting edge devices are equiped with Bluetooth technology that helps you stay connected with iOS and Android Phones, TVs, and other digital devices.

The AudioNova DX comes in Receiver-in-Canal, Behind-the-Ear, and In-the-Canal models that can be battery-powered or rechargeable. 
Connect to your favorite tech
Thanks to Bluetooth technology, your hearing aid can connect instantly to your TV or phone, receive your calls, and access different programs.

Hands free calls
You can enjoy easy, direct connections with the people you care about, with hands-free
phone calls, video calls, Skype and FaceTime® – on all phones and to both ears*.

It’s simple. When a call comes in, you will hear a ring signal in your hearing aids. Just press
the button on either one and you’re in the conversation. No need to even touch your phone.

Stereo media streaming
And with stereo media streaming you can connect to your favorite media like podcasts, music and streamed TV. You can stream media directly into your hearing aid, enjoying an enhanced entertainment experience. Staying connected to people you care about has never been easier, with hands-free calling.

Hearing Remote App
Our Hearing Remote mobile app is specifically designed to help you create a fully personalized hearing experience. You can fine-tune your AudioNova hearing aid settings any time by using your iOS or Android smartphone as a remote control With the new equalizer functionality your can personalize the sound and save your favourite pre-sets.

AudioNova DX - BTE

This Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aid features all the same features in a slim tube or earhook/earmold fitting powered by a standard 312 battery.
  • Full Soundscape Manager functionality
  • Telecoil
  • Sword 3.0 processor
  • Compatible with all accessories

AudioNova DX - ITE

The DX also comes in several In-the-Ear (ITE) options. Get the AudioNova DX W 312 Dir as the first of its kind with 2.4 GHz wireless functionality.
  • Full Soundscape Manager, including Speech Target Pro
  • Sword 3.0 processor
  • MFA connectivity to iOS and Android devices
  • Hands-Free binaural phone calls
  • Stereo quality audio streaming
  • Compatible to wide range of accessories
*Smartphones and traditional mobile phones with a compatible Bluetooth Hands-Free Profile.