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Since 1964, the Canadian hearing aid manufacturer Unitron has been developing state-of-the-art hearing aids that harmonize natural hearing and speech recognition without compromises. The company is part of the Sonova Group and offers cutting-edge technology and brand quality at a fair price.

Unitron Moxi Discover
Experience stellar sound and seamless connectivity to smartphones and devices. Read more about the Unitron Moxi Discover.
Unitron Stride Discover

Easy, direct connections with the people you care about. Read more about the Unitron Stride Discover.
image of Unitron Stride Discover hearing aids
Unitron Max
Super power hearing aids that sound better from the start. Read more about the Unitron Max.
Unitron Insera
Insera family of in-the-ear hearing aids personalized just for you. Read more about the Unitron Insera.
Unitron Moxi Now
World's smallest RIC hearing aid. Read more about the Unitron Moxi Now.