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Unitron Stride M & M-R

Award-winning style that is comfortable to wear - now in a rechargeable option!

  • Tempus platform
  • SoundCore technology
  • Speech Pro
  • Sound Conductor
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Sound Nav

Driven by Tempus platform, Stride M is a behind-the-ear(BTE) hearing aid that gives you the freedom to connect in all listening environments. With this Stride M, you get:

  • Discreet and comfortable BTE option – suitable for a wide range of hearing losses
  • Telecoil for clear phone conversations & use with loop systems
  • Volume control and program buttons that are simple to use

Featuring Stride M R – Freedom to get back to your conversations with realistic sound

With the rechargeable M R option,  you can enjoy a full day of listening on a single overnight charge. Simply pull the hearing aids out of the charger, put them on and go! No more fussing with tiny disposable batteries.

  • 24 hours of use after charging for just 5-7 hours*
  • Flexibility to swap rechargeable and disposable batteries at any time – never run out of a charge
  • Replaces the need for up to 100 regular batteries and is 100% recyclable – Eco-friendly
  • Based on award-winning design


Powered by Tempus™

Built on Unitron’s Tempus platform, this hearing aid seamlessly locates and optimizes sound for a natural, fluid hearing experience even in difficult listening situations like conversations in crowds. With intelligent SoundCore™ technology the four features work together to understand a patient’s listening environment and make fluid adjustments.

Unitron’s Stride M and M R come in a variety of colors to match several skin tones.

Stride M & M-R: At a Glance

  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
Fitting Range
  • Mild to severe hearing loss
Key Features
  • Tempus platform
  • SoundCore technology
  • Speech Pro
  • Sound Conductor
  • Spatial Awareness
  • Sound Nav
  • Stride M
  • M-R (rechargeable)
Performance Levels
  • Pro
  • 800
  • 700
  • 600
  • 500
Tinnitus Features
  • Tinnitus Masker
(*) with 90 minutes of wireless streaming or 16 hours of continuous streaming
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