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For Your Appointment

For your appointment

If you have scheduled an appointment with one of our Hearing Professionals, the following list of questions and tips will help you prepare for your visit.

  • List any symptoms you are experiencing, and for how long. Ask your loved one to help you make the list. Friends and family may have noticed changes that aren't obvious for you, but they may be important for your Hearing Professional to know.
  • List key medical information, especially related to any problems you have had with your ears. Further, please list any medications, vitamins or supplements you are taking.
  • Summarize your work history, even jobs in the distant past that exposed you to high noise levels.
  • Write down questions to ask, like "Can I prevent further hearing loss?" or "Are there specific frequencies or types of sound I have more trouble with than others?"
  • Take a family member or friend along. It is important to have a familiar voice at your appointment so that we can perform practical word tests and provide real world applications of the digital hearing technology.

Please bring a photo ID and copies of your insurance and benefits cards. If you have other hearing aids, please bring these with you to your appointment. This will help our Hearing Professionals to better evaluate your experience with hearing aids.

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