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TeleHealth Setup

Congratulations on completing the first step toward better hearing! We are excited to offer you the latest in hearing aid technologies that include a suite of TeleHealth tools. You are partnering with Connect Hearing, an industry-leader in audiology and TeleHealth Services and we look forward to connecting remotely with you. The following information will serve as a step by step guide to these technologies.

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Connect with Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams provides a safe and convenient virtual meeting space that allows patients and our staff to connect. With the use of webcams, patients and our staff can have a face-to-face consultation. A basic computer or laptop with camera, tablet or smartphone and a strong internet connection is all you need. For a complete list of hardware requirements please visit Microsoft.
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Connect with MyPhonak App

The MyPhonak App is designed for Phonak hearing aid wearers. Users can access its remote control features, get wearing statistics and track their experiences in the Hearing Diary. Our staff, can then use the app to access the fitting settings and optimize the users hearing experience. For a complete list of requirements for the app, please visit the Phonak Support Page.
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The Connect Hearing mobile app available on the Apple App Store for easy access to services.
The Connect Hearing mobile app available for Android on the Google Play Store for easy access to services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to adjust the fitting on my aids remotely?
Yes, if you wear Phonak Marvel, or Belong Direct Hearing Aids, we can perform many adjustments remotely to make your experience better.
How long does it take to install your TeleHealth software?
It won't take more than 5 minutes to install either of our primary TeleHealth tools.
I don't have Phonak hearing aids, can you still help me during a TeleHealth consultation?
We absolutely would still be able help you using a secure TeleHealth appointment with Microsoft Teams where we can remotely consult with you to help you on your hearing journey.
I don't have a smart phone, or a computer, can you still help me?
Yes, with permission, we can use the phone, computer or tablet device of a care giver, family member or friend to set you up with a TeleHealth appointment.
Will you still offer TeleHealth services after Covid-19?
Yes. Connect Hearing is the leader of TeleHealth in the industry.  We started offering Remote Fitting for our Marvel Patients back in 2019.  We see this as a vital service and convenience to our patients now and into the future.
What type of Internet service do I need?
You will want a current broadband Internet service.  Our TeleHealth services require a minimum bandwidth speed of 3MB Up and Down.
Do I have to be at home to have a Remote Fitting?
No, if you have Phonak Marvel hearing aids and a smart phone, we can remotely support you at any place you can get an Internet signal.
During a TeleHealth apointment, will I always be able to meet with my primary Hearing Care Provider?
We value the relationship you have with your Hearing Care Provider and will make every effort to have you meet with them.  However, in order to accommodate your schedule, we may need to assign another qualified Hearing Care Provider for your TeleHealth appointment.