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Experience Room

Connect World of Hearing's Experience Room is at the heart of our innovative sound attractions. Users can immerse themselves in a night at the symphony, dinner with friends at a popular restaurant or several other common listening experiences. Our staff can the simulate that audio experience with and without a hearing loss. Or what that experience would be while wearing a hearing aid.  

Experience the World Through Different Ears

Hear the Difference

We've all imagined seeing the world through someone else's eyes - seeing what they see, from their point of view. With our Experience Room, we allow you to hear the world through someone else's ears. If you have a loved one with hearing loss, our staff can simulate what they can and can't hear.  

On the flip side, if you are afflicted by hearing loss, our Experience Room can simulate those challenging hearing situations and how a hearing aid could help you reconnect with friends at a crowded restaurant or feel the complete rapture of a symphony reaching its crescendo.  We often don't realize what we're missing until now. 
A hiker carrying a backpack walks through a green circle.Meet the Klangfinder

Heralded as a marvel in German Engineering, the Klangfinder's litteral translation is "sound finder" - a device used to simulate different spectrums of human hearing.  Paired with a mini-Imax screen, you're litterally stepping into a sound simulator that can be customized to your hearing level.  

Our staff of Hearing Care Professionals can take you through a number of everyday listening scenarios giving you and your loved ones an idea of your current hearing levels and what a hearing solution could do for you. 

Hearing & Quality of Life

Beyond the simulations of our Experience Room, those with hearing loss struggle with a number of serious issues. Ignoring one's struggles and putting off a consultation with a hearing care professional only compounds those problems. The links between cognitive decline, mental health issues and hearing loss have been well documented.

Hearing loss often isolates people. The extra effort to focus and listen in turns people off to social situations. Relationship issues are also common as significant others grow frustrated in repeating themselves or yelling in order to be heard. Dealing with hearing loss can me an immediate improvement to one's quality of life. 

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