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Self-Screening Room

Step into our comfortable, screening-room for a self-guided hearing screening. These hearing screenings are are a great way to check in on your hearing health, identify any lingering issues or confirm your hearing ability. 

When was the last time you checked your hearing?

Testing Yourself Regularly

In most cases, hearing loss occurs gradually over time. Years can go by before we realize there is an underlying issue with our hearing and even more time can pass before we choose to act on it. But it's important to note that the earlier hearing loss is detected, the easier it can be to treat with modern solutions. Checking your hearing regularly is a start.
At Connect World of Hearing, you can test your hearing and get results with no pressure or obligation. Use the latest technology in our Self-Screening Room to get a detailed analysis on the spectrum of your hearing. Then, feel free to consult with our staff of hearing care professionals to discuss those results and get answers to your questions. 
Sharing your Listening Experience

It is often those around us that feel the impact of our hearing loss before we do. You may think the TV or music is at an approriate volume, but to those around us, it may be obvious that you're struggling to hear it at lower levels. Loved ones can grow frustrated having to repeat themselves or feel like they're yelling in order to be heard. Taking a self-screening is a great start but sharing those results with those around you may be even more impactful.

Test results can often confirm what once suspected and those loved ones will be important on your path to better hearing. Our sound-dampened room is comfortable and quiet and users simply wear our sterilized headphones while using our patented testing technology.  Results are quick, the entire screening can take less than 10 minutes.

5 Reasons to Test Your Hearing

Hearing Screenings are simple, free, and painless
You can take them online using your smartphone, tablet or desktop and pair of headphones or visit us and use the Self-Screening Room.
Regular Testing Helps Your Audiologist
Hearing can change over time and regular tests establish a baseline for your hearing ability. Testing regularly over time helps identify small changes in your hearing and possible underlying causes.
Hearing Loss Test Can Help Diagnose Other Conditions
Changes in hearing can be your body's reaction to other afflictions including heart disease and diabetes. Side effects of medication can also affect one's hearing and testing can lead your doctor to early detection and treatments beyond your hearing.
Early Detection Means a Better Prognosis

Most people suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss don't even realize they have it. And by the time their impairment is noticeable to them, it's too late to do much beyond pop in a hearing aid. That's the bad news.

The good news is that like many health conditions, hearing loss is easier to treat the earlier it's discovered. In some cases, an audiologist can even help you prevent the hearing loss from progressing any further. Not only that, as we've already indicated, hearing loss has a profound impact on the brain.

What we mean is that the longer you live with untreated hearing loss, the more difficulty your brain will have adjusting to treatment. 

Better Hearing Leads to a Better Life

People who have hearing loss tend to struggle with social situations. For more severe cases, they may even have problems finding and retaining employment, and those that are employed may find it difficult to advance their career. By seeking treatment for possible hearing loss, you can go in the opposite direction. 

You can help yourself be happier, healthier, more social, and more successful. 

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