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Online hearing test
Find out how good your hearing is in just three minutes. The online hearing test provides valuable information about your hearing.

Your Appointment

Congratulations on booking your appointment!

At Connect Hearing, we are committed to providing our patients with a top-rated experience, one that puts them at ease through our consultation and hearing evaluation process.

Welcome to Connect Hearing

In your initial visit, your Hearing Care Professional (HCP) will take you through a lifestyle assessment, a hearing test and consultation.  The lifestyle assessment is a short questionnaire to understand your day-to-day hearing needs. The hearing test will evaluation your current hearing ability and pinpoint any hearing loss that has been detected. The HCP will create an audiogram with your hearing performance and explain the results to you. Finally, with all the information on hand, you will be consulted on the best available hearing aid options.

What to Bring with You

  • a valid ID
  • insurance card
  • family member or friend - for support
  • interpreter, if needed
  • patient intake forms - click to download below
  • current hearing aids - if applicable
  • list of problem sounds
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