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Your Appointment

Welcome to Connect Hearing

In your initial visit, your Hearing Care Professional (HCP) will take you through a lifestyle assessment, a hearing test and consultation.  The lifestyle assessment is a short questionnaire to understand your day-to-day hearing needs. The hearing test will evaluate your current hearing ability and pinpoint any hearing loss that has been detected. The HCP will create an audiogram with your hearing performance and explain the results to you. Finally, with all the information on hand, you will be consulted on the best available hearing aid options.

What to Bring with You

  • a valid ID
  • insurance card
  • interpreter, if needed
  • patient intake forms - click to download below
  • current hearing aids - if applicable
  • list of problem sounds

Bring Family Support

For the vast majority of our clients, we've noticed that those who bring family support with them are more successful in finding a hearing solution that works for them. Husbands and wives or sons and daughters can help point out those hearing hurdles that need to be remedied. They are a reassuring hand on the shoulder and can be the first clear voice you'll hear when a solution is found.

Besides, we find that the most fulfilling rewards of improving one's hearing is to reengage loved ones through speaking and listening.