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Phonak DECT II Cordless Home Phone

  • No programming and no additional devices needed
  • Improved sound quality when speaking on the phone
  • Phone calls are sent directly to both hearing aids
  • Blinking light and vibration when a call is received
The Phonak DECT II Cordless Home Phone hearing device from Connect Hearing in TX, FL, CA.
Compatible with: Audeo V, Bolero V, Virto V (excludes Nano and NW O), Audeo B, Audeo B-R, Bolero B, Bolero B-R

Phonak myCall-to-Text App

  • Allows you to read, in real time, what the person on the other end of the phone says
  • Live transcription of phone calls in more than 80 languages
  • Save the transcription for later review
  • The other person in the conversation can use any type of phone without having to install the app

Compatible with: Phonak AudéoTM Marvel models