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A common question we receive at Connect Hearing is whether Medicare or Medicaid will help pay for hearing aids or cover the cost entirely. The answer may depend on your specific plan. Sifting through Medicare or Medicaid benefits can be tough, so we’ve broken down what you need to know about different coverage options.

Medicare & Hearing Aids

According to the 2015 guide to Medicare benefits, Medicare does not cover hearing aids. However, it does cover hearing exams when ordered by your doctor. 
However, Medicare Part C, the separate Medicare Advantage plans provided by private insurance companies, may provide additional coverage for hearing aids.

Medicaid & Hearing Aids

Medicaid coverage of hearing aids for adults in the US varies by state.  The good news is, more than half of the states provide some coverage for hearing aids, or cover other services like hearing tests and exams, hearing aid repairs and replacements, and other items such as batteries and accessories.

Contact your local Connect Hearing Center and our staff will help you understand which benefits apply to you.