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Insurance benefits for hearing aids can vary from plan-to-plan and state-to-state. For those getting insurance through their employers, benefits can even change from year-to-year as medical coverage is frequently renegotiated. This can leave policy holders in a state of not know if they are covered for hearing aids.

Verifying Insurance Benefits

At Connect Hearing, we know the importance of getting you all the information to make an informed decision on investing in your hearing health. We are committed to working with you and your insurance company to verify your hearing aid benefits and explain those subtleties to you before the time of purchase. Transparency is one of the reasons we are rated at the top in customer service.
We encourage patients to contact their insurance companies but even then, asking the right questions and understanding those answers can be difficult. Contact us with your insurance card on hand and ask for a benefit check. We will contact your insurance company on your behalf to confirm what your coverage is. Its completely free and allows you the peace of mind of knowing exactly what costs will be covered and which will be incurred. 
Benefit Check
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Contact your nearest Connect Hearing, our local staff are experts in public and private insurance plans.
Have your insurance card on hand as we'll be asking for your policy and group number to contact your insurance company.
Schedule a FREE consultation to review your benefits and how they may apply to a hearing aid purchase.

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