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Since 1964, the Canadian hearing aid manufacturer Unitron has been developing state-of-the-art hearing aids that harmonize natural hearing and speech recognition without compromises. The company is part of the Sonova Group and offers cutting-edge technology and brand quality at a fair price.
Unitron Stride ITE
Stride ITE hearing instruments are customized to fit inside your ear canal and are customized for comfort. A full range of styles give patients choice, usability, and durability. Patients can focus on conversations like never before. The all-new lineup of Stride ITEs offers: Redesigned, intuitive controlsPrecise fit and optimal venting to let you listen in comfortPlasma coating and microphone ports that keep moisture and debris out for increased durability
Unitron Stride P & P Dura
Unitron Stride P & P Dura hearing aids combine high-powered hearing technology with Unitron's signature user-centric design. Featuring intuitive controls and Unitron's latest hearing technology, Stride P behind-the-ear hearing aids offer a superior listening experience. With Unitron Stride P & P Dura BTEs, you get: Natural sounding conversationsEasy-to-use volume and program buttonsTelecoil and easy t-switch make phone conversations easier
Unitron Moxi Dura
The Moxi Dura brings Unitron's signature user-friendly design to a sturdy receiver-in-canal (RIC) option featuring a long-lasting battery.With the Moxi Dura, you get:Increased durability and longer lasting batteryEasy-to-use push button for feature controlTelecoil for clear phone conversations and use with loop systems
Unitron Moxi Kiss
The Moxi Kiss marries natural sound quality with a beautiful receiver-in-canal design. With Moxi Kiss, you get: Conversation-focused hearing technology for excellent performance even in difficult environments like speech in noise and crowdsFully automated listening, no matter the situationWireless Bluetooth syncing and Binaural Phone feature for a great technology experience
Unitron Stride M
Driven by Tempus platform, Stride M is a behind-the-ear(BTE) hearing aid that gives you the freedom to connect in all listening environments. With this Stride M, you get:Discreet and comfortable BTE option – suitable for a wide range of hearing lossesTelecoil for clear phone conversations & use with loop systemsVolume control and program buttons that are simple to use
Unitron Max
Unitron Max is a super-power hearing aid portfolio for individuals with severe to profound hearing loss. Max hearing aids give you the power & performance you are looking for right from your first fitting. With this solution’s advanced features which optimize speech perception and environmental awareness, you can feel confident Max will make your life easier. Built on the Tempus platform, two models are available:Max SP: A Super Power BTE style with a 13 battery in a durable designMax UP: An UltraPower BTE style with a 675 battery designed to last and last
Unitron Moxi Fit
Moxi Fit is a receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aid offering wearers a fully automatic experience and discreet, award-winning design. With Moxi Fit, you get:Conversation-focused performanceEasy to use push button for feature controlTelecoil for clear phone conversations & use with loop systems
Unitron Moxi Now
At just 20.2 mm tall and 6.5 mm wide, the Moxi Now is the smallest hearing aid in its class1. But don't be fooled by the size. This tiny digital hearing aid is loaded with today's most advanced features to help you hear your best, even in noisy environments.Practically invisible behind the ear. With its small size and amazing comfort, you’ll never wear a different hearing aid again.Adjusts automatically to every listening environment. Go from home to work to an evening out and always hear your best!Full wireless compatibility for streaming functionality & remote control.
Unitron Moxi All
Moxi™ All, the made-for-all (MFA) hearing aids, utilizing the proprietary SWORD™2.4 GHz chip, allow you to directly connect to ALL Bluetooth®-enabled cell phones* for amazing- sounding phone conversations.Watching TV also just became easier, as direct connectivity means you no longer need to wear a body-worn streamer. Built on the Tempus platform, conversational listening will be easy, even in challenging environments, such as noise and crowds. Enjoy all conversations, whether on your mobile phone or in person, with hearing aids designed for your needs.
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