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If you’re shopping for hearing aids, you likely have a number of questions about your investment, such as: How much will my hearing aids really cost? How can I be sure I’m getting the best price on my hearing aids? Will insurance or Medicare cover hearing aids? What payment options are available?

The Connect Advantage

A lovely older couple enjoying their hearing health on a visit to a street vendor in California.What makes us at Connect Hearing stand apart from other hearing centers is our top-rated customer service. Patients come to us because we truly listen, getting to know them, their families and their unique circumstances. From the close relationships we build, we're able to offer a unique bundle of added-value benefits with each purchase.

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Factors Affecting Hearing Aid Cost

Man checking his watchThere are a number of factors that can affect the overall cost of hearing aids. During your consultation, your hearing care provide will alert you to why you may need or not need certain features and why some hearing aid styles and sizes may not fit your lifestyle.

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Hearing Aid Financing

Insurance information forms for hearing healthcare at Connect Hearing in TX, FL, or CA.No one can place a dollar amount on the ability to hear again. At Connect Hearing, we realize that when you want to reconnect with the sounds of your life, the last thing you want in your way is a dollar sign. That’s why we are pleased to offer a variety of payment options for a variety of budgets.​

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Medicare & Medicaid Coverage

information on medicare pFLns covering hearing health services from connect hearing in TX, FL, CAA common question we receive at Connect Hearing is whether Medicare or Medicaid will help pay for hearing aids or cover the cost entirely. The answer may depend on your specific plan. Sifting through Medicare or Medicaid benefits can be tough, so we’ve broken down what you need to know about different coverage options.

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Hearing Aid Insurance

A patient of Connect Hearing in TX, FL, or CA going over financing options for her hearing healthcare services.Insurance benefits for hearing aids can vary from plan-to-plan and state-to-state. For those getting insurance through their employers, benefits can even change from year-to-year as medical coverage is frequently renegotiated. This can leave policy holders in a state of not know if they are covered for hearing aids.

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