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Online hearing test

Online Hearing Test: Assess Your Hearing from the Comfort of Home

With the free online hearing screening that we offer, you can check your hearing in just a few minutes. Please note that this hearing screening is not a substitute for visiting a hearing care professional.

This screening gives you an initial assessment of your hearing and will provide the early indicators of any possible hearing loss.

The test is completely FREE and we encourage you to take it on an annual basis as one's hearing ability can change over time which can be symptoms of other medical issues.

Your contact information and results are kept confidential by our hearing care professionals to be used during consultation.

The online hearing screening is very simple.  You will need some head phones connected to your computer, tablet or phone (where you are accessing this test).  Simply follow the step-by-step instructions. Ideally, the screening should be carried out in quiet surroundings.
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