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From date nights to brunch buddies: 5 new restaurant trends to try

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From date nights to brunch buddies: 5 new restaurant trends to try

Clocking your daily miles on the golf course or treadmill aren’t the only ways to stay active as you age. One great (and tasty) way to add some sizzle to your social life is to try the newest food trends!

From egg yolks to vegan burgers, there are a lot of fun new concepts out there simmering.  Head out to your favorite local eatery and decide for yourself whether these new food crazes are just a flash in the pan—or if they’re here to stay.


First there were acai bowls then there were poké bowls. Bowls have recently taken over restaurants nationwide. Whether it’s housing a breakfast, a burrito, or a fresh fruit smoothie, bowls are in this year.

It’s recommended that you ease into the bowl trend by hitting your favorite local salad spot with a friend and try a “build your own salad bowl.” This option allows you to skip the menu items and get creative by designing what’s on your plate, or in this case, in your bowl! Choose from your favorite greens, a hearty protein, and delicious toppings that will make your salad bowl as unique as you.

Bonus: Eating from a bowl rather than a plate makes you psychologically more prone to mindfulness. You will feel a lot fuller a lot faster, which might mean delicious leftovers to enjoy the next day!

Try this Trend at: Sweet Green, Cava Grill or ediBOL

Egg yolks

Eggs are a classic breakfast staple, but egg yolks are making an appearance on lunch and dinner plates, too! If you and your brunch buddies are in the mood to mix things up, try egg yolks on a bed of fresh greens. Or, if you are itching to sink your teeth into a juicy burger at your favorite dinner spot, try egg yolks topping of a juicy hamburger or sandwich. Some restaurants are even starting to add egg yolks on top of a flatbread pizza!

In Chicago, try this trend at: Au Cheval

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, egg yolks are everywhere this year! Grab a friend and check it out at one of your local eateries.

Vegan meats 

If you are a Vegan, then this food trend is for you! The meatless burger (and we don’t mean just an average Portobello mushroom burger, here) are getting popular. This year, more restaurants are offering vegetable patties with juicy, meat-like textures. Some restaurants are even featuring a bleeding burger (don’t worry, it’s just a beet burger). But rest assured, you can expect to see a lot more veggies disguised as meat for the near future.

If a beet burger isn’t your thing, then try easing into the veggie trend with a side of asparagus fries or fried avocado slices. It may be fried, but you are still getting your greens!

Try this trend at: Le Botaniste

Low carbohydrate grains

With the rise of plant-based diets, vegetables are clearly having a moment on the foodie scene right now. Traditional pasta dishes are being replaced with practically any vegetable that can be spiralized. Think zucchini, squash, seaweed, carrot, or beetroots. The spiralized vegetable trend is even so popular, you can purchase your own spiralizer and have your family over for a spiralized themed dinner!

If spiralized vegetable pasta isn’t your thing, then how about cauliflower rice? Cauliflower is now being steamed, chopped, and pulverized into rice size pieces for a healthier, low-carb rice option. Channel your inner chef and give cauliflower pizza crust a try. It’s delicious and nutritious!

In New York, try this trend at: Nix

Artisan butcher shops/ restaurants 

For all of you meat eaters out there, don’t worry, there are still delicious options for you! With the rise of vegetable comfort options, there has been an extra push from the meat eating community.

Artisanal butcher shop-restaurant combinations are entering the food scene. This “butcher-to-table” trend offers customers a more upscale flair to the craft and art of butchery. Grab your gals and pals and make an afternoon out of it. Plan an early afternoon lunch and enjoy the old-world feel of the restaurant as you enjoy your meal, then stop by the butcher shop on your way out and grab some meat to take home. Fire up the grill over the weekend and enjoy a delicious meal all over again!

In Austin, try this trend at: Salt & Time

Bounus: dessert

You cannot go out to a celebratory dinner without dessert and lucky for you edible cookie dough is all the rage this year. This safe-to-eat treat has cookie connoisseurs lining up for a taste. Take a trip down memory lane with traditional flavors like chocolate chip cookie dough or sugar cookie dough.

Are your taste buds more on the wild side? You’re in luck! Boutique shops are getting extra creative with their flavor combinations and offering options like lavender and honey or charcoal (yes even charcoal). Satisfy your sweet tooth with your favorite scoop or be adventurous and try something new!

Try this trend at: Cookie Do

There are fewer things more fun than enjoying a night out with loved ones – especially when you can have meaningful conversations along with your tasty meals. The experts at Connect Hearing provide FREE evaluations to ensure your baseline hearing stays strong, so you never have to miss a moment. Contact us today to learn more!  (And let us know how that vegan beet burger tastes…we will opt for the cookie dough!)

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