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We review Unitron’s Insera™

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We review Unitron’s Insera™

When it comes to hearing aid must-haves, high-quality speech comprehension is a critical feature that has the power to make or break your listening experience.  

Today’s hearing aids have made leaps and bounds in this capacity—but Unitron’s new Insera family of in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aids proves that even the best in speech comprehension can get even better.  

Realistic conversational sound

When put to the test, Insera does a superb job creating a realistic, crisp sound comprehension by focusing on enhanced directional performance.

Part of what creates its fantastic sound quality is Insera’s high-quality customization. Its unique EarMatch™ modeling process compensates for differences in your individual ear shape and delivers a personalized sound experience. This frees the advanced features in the Tempus platform – like SpeechPro and Spatial Awareness – to provide fantastic speech location capabilities and enhanced understanding in conversations, so you can hear every word of your conversation. 

Customized listening experience

Insera’s customized fit ensures that sounds are clear, natural and understandable. This makes it easy to enjoy any activities on your schedule—from a family outing to an evening at your favorite restaurant—without struggling to keep up with the conversation. 

Overall, Insera’s conversational performance doesn’t just offer improved speech comprehension capabilities. It provides the extra boost necessary for users to understand all the nuances—and important emotional undertones—clearly and efficiently.

Easy maneuverability

Insera comes in models built both for users who want a sleek, subtle in-the -canal (IIC) instrument and for those with dexterity issues looking for a full shell ITE instrument that is easy to insert in their ears.

One of Insera’s unique features (and important selling points) is its discreet size and comfortable fit.

Insera is currently Unitron’s smallest custom ITE hearing aid and gives you 20% longer life out of every battery*. Each customized model fits easily into your ear and stays out of the way.

Essential features at a glance:

  • Superior comprehension of voice location
  • Unitron’s smallest customized ITE hearing aid
  • EarMatch™ modeling process compensates for your unique ear shape & delivers a personalized sound experience
  • Best in conversations - keeps you in the heart of the conversation with enhanced clarity
  • 20% longer battery life

*Provides an additional 16 hours of use on CIC, IIC & 10a Mini canal products only

Try Insera hearing aids risk-free

Try Insera hearing aids absolutely risk-free for 45 days with our money-back guarantee. Simply fill out the form above or call 1-888-426-6632 to schedule your free hearing consultation.

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