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Does Medicare or Medicaid Cover Hearing Aids?

Sifting through Medicare or Medicaid benefits can be tough. Many people want to know whether Medicare or Medicaid will help pay for their hearing aids. The answer may depend on your specific plan.

Medicare & Hearing Aids

According to the 2015 guide to Medicare benefits, Medicare does not cover hearing aids. However, it does cover hearing exams when ordered by your doctor. 

Medicare Part C, the separate Medicare Advantage plans provided by private insurance companies, may provide also additional coverage for hearing aids.

Medicaid & Hearing Aids

Medicaid coverage of hearing aids for adults varies by state.  More than half of U.S. states provides some coverage for hearing aids. The Hearing Loss Association of America has put together a list of coverage by state.

We’re Dedicated to Making Hearing Aids Affordable

We never want to see a patient walk away from healthy hearing due to problems paying for hearing aids. Our compassionate Hearing Care Professionals will work with you to find an affordable solution for your needs. We also offer a variety of options for financing hearing aids to help you afford the hearing care you need. Call us at 1-888-426-6632 to learn more.

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