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Connect Hearing has committed itself to providing the absolute best in hearing health care to our clients. Our team of professionals routinely go above and beyond industry standards and consistently exceed expectations. We invite you to read for yourself what our clients say about us.

Featured Testimonials

Lisa Luna, from Glendale CA, has struggled with unilateral hearing loss since she was a teenager. Dealing with it has impacted her day-to-day life of her and her family.

Watch how she describes her life before and after Connect Hearing found a hearing solution.
Customer Service
"Carrie help to me today was off the 5-star chart (i.e., 6 and beyond). She examined and analyzed sets of hearing aids I wore and brought. She helped me make sense of sophisticated equipment provided for me by a governmental agency. She (re)tested my hearing. Thoroughout our hourlong conference she was patient and gave due consideration to our
masked environment. I thank her--and Connect Hearing--very much.
-Bill Y.
Lakewood, CA

"Melissa and the Connect Hearing staff have become my life line and extended family. As a child growing up with severe hearing loss, I was introduced to “Ms. June”, who then became my audiologist up to my college years. When she passed after finishing college, I was introduced to the new company and audiologist, Melissa W. Not only did her expertise provide me security but her compassion towards me and others, won me. The staff goes far and beyond to accommodate anything I ask. Even when I am in the wrong. If it’s ever an emergency, they take me right away. Any extreme request I have, they do their best to fulfill them - which is 100% of the time. Anytime I call, they remember my voice and name, which is unheard of. It’s like we pick up right where we left off . If you’re looking for a new audiologist or hearing aid, and wanting a family/friend feeling environment and very professional, who’s not just about selling you a product; give them a call. Thank you Melissa and your staff for everything you do for me. I know I’m not the easiest but you all sure make me feel like it."
-Michael A.
Atlanta GA
"I have dealt with Joice for many years, first with my mother and more recently, myself. I am on my second set of hearing aids. You will not find a more accomodating, caring professional than Joice. She will work tirelessly with you to make sure you are happy and comfortable with your hearing aid.I tell everyone to skip all the others and go to connect in Greenville if you want the best service."
-Loretta D
Greenville PA
"Outstanding, unparalleled customer service by Jennifer! Am physician, board-certified in internal medicine. Would not recommend anyone go anywhere else. World class customer service! World class Phonak product! God bless both!! Thank you, Jennifer!!!"
-Christina S
Arcadia CA

"I had heard from friends and neighbors that hearing aids work for some and not for others. Well, Dr. Mayhew at Connect Hearing and his Phonak hearing aids made them WORK FOR ME! Very personable and professional service and a great product. I can hear like I was 25 (now 72). Even live music is real and vibrant. It took a bit of time to learn how to quickly and correctly put them on, but now I don't want to go without them. I can talk to my grandchildren and hear their tiny voices."

-Mark S. 
Cincinnati OH


"The best for my hearing loss. I am a retired Firefighter with total loss to one ear and extreme high end loss to the other. I had Penny fit me for the new Phonak Marvel. This is the newest and very high tech hearing aid out. Being the best high tech is only one part of the equation. Having someone like Penny who knows the product, knows my needs and is concerned about making my hearing and life better is the other part of the equation. God bless you Penny, you're the best and hope you're around for a long time. Can't miss thanking Belle for her work in the front office and getting me in for adjustments. Warm Regards!"

-Tom B. 
San Juan Capistrano CA

"Have been a customer for several years. Recently purchased Unitron hearing aids that have performed very well. Dr. Powell has been instrumental in my choosing Connect hearing. Customer service is excellent. Kudos to Belinda (receptionist) for always being upbeat and helpful. I highly recommend."

-Jack W. 
Plano TX

"The hearing tests were very easy producing smart results. We found out very quickly that I had a definite problem in both ears. The Audiologist Anna Ellis was not only very friendly but gave me a feeling of complete confidence in her abilities. She was very caring and reassuring of the task at hand. She explained everything from beginning to end and answered all of my questions. She was also very knowledgeable about insurance and the abilities and limitations of all the different types of hearing aids available. She presented them in a side by side format with each listing their capabilities and of course their total cost. We discussed my problems in great length until we arrived at the product that would be the most beneficial to me now and in the future regarding the atmosphere of my surroundings. However, this was my choice to make and she didn't try to up sell me just to make more money but rather help me make the right choice. In fact, she performed a comparison test that proved without a doubt which product was the best for my particular situation. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Connect Hearing."
Mesa AZ

"Kate is an amazing audiologist! Who else would you trust with your hearing needs other than someone who knows how you feel! Her compassion and professionalism is an outstanding trait that shines through her practice!! I highly recommend her services!"
-Heidi G
Grove City PA

"We moved here 4 years ago. Were serching different hearing places to meet my husband needs. Finally found Connect Hearing and will never go anywhere else. They are very professional, understanding of personal needs, and give outstanding service. They are able communicate easily with those who are hearing challenged. From Ava, who greets you and solves scheduling and finances, to the professionals who skillfully service your unique needs. My husband is now 95 and they have kept him hearing and having a good quality of life!"
-Ricki B
Chicago IL

Better Business Bureau

Connect Hearing is an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We take pride in our customer service that consistently earns us their top A+ rating. We encourage you to review our BBB profile and/or contact them with any questions.
Connect Hearing, Inc BBB Business Review
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