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Phonak Bolero B & B-R

Simplifying life with a behind-the-ear rechargeable solution

  • AutoSense OS™
  • Speech in Car
  • Speech in Loud Noise
  • Comfort in Echo
The new Bolero B hearing aids automatically keep up with your busy lifestyles. Comprehensive BTE portfolio for clients that prefer best hearing performance in a robust, water- resistant BTE housing. You can rely on the hearing aids to adjust automatically to every listening environment.  The Bolero B line is available in 4 designs and 4 performance levels to match your hearing needs, including the rechargeable Bolero B-PR option.
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Bolero B-PR Rechargeable

Phonak Bolero B-PR features a specifically designed built-in lithium–ion rechargeable battery that provides 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge.*

  • No disposable battery hassle
  • Charge on the go
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Easy-to-use charging options
  • T-coil & volume control

Powered by Belong

Bolero B hearing aids are built on Phonak's new Belong platform. This platform was designed with the goal of simplifying wearers’ lives by seamlessly adjusting to the listening environment. Through its cutting-edge AutoSense OS™ operating system, it analyzes sounds every 0.4 seconds and draws upon multiple features, blending them to create over 200 settings to precisely match sound environments. 

Coupled with SoundRecover2, which gives users greater access to high-frequency sounds, the result is incredible speech intelligibility and natural sound experience in every listening situation.

Bolero B & B-R: At a Glance

  • Behind-the-Ear (BTE)
Fitting Range
  • Mild to profound hearing loss
Key Features
  • AutoSense OS™
  • Speech in Car
  • Speech in Loud Noise
  • Comfort in Echo
  • Bolero M
  • Bolero P
  • Bolero PR
  • Bolero SP
Performance Levels
  • Premium (B-90)
  • Advanced (B-70)
  • Standard (B-50)
  • Essential (B-30) - not available in B-PR
Tinnitus Features
  • Tinnitus Balance noise generator
* Expected results when charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time