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Audionova Basic+
The Audionova Basic+ hearing aid, though limited in some of the additional functions of the Audionova T and DX, still packs some power in its small comfortable shell, all at an affordable price. It's sound performance features make it one of the best value hearing aids on the market.
Audionova T
The new Audionova T hearing aids come packed with features you'll love at an affordable price.  Connect with your favorite devices and accessories via Bluetooth and stream directly to your hearing aids in stereo sound. The Audionova T is also compatible with a range of accessories to further enhance your hearing experiences.
Audionova DX
The new family of Audionova DX hearing aids are easy to use and stylish to wear. Choose from different technology levels that best suite your hearing and lifestyle needs. These cutting edge devices are equiped with Bluetooth technology that helps you stay connected with iOS and Android Phones, TVs, and other digital devices. The Audionova DX comes in Receiver-in-Canal, Behind-the-Ear, and In-the-Canal models that can be battery-powered or rechargeable.