Hearing loss can be gradual; know the signs

Did you know that hearing loss happens gradually? It is important that you know the signs in order to catch it early. Katie Parsons writes in Florida Today, “Hearing degeneration is often gradual, with people waiting to seek treatment until it poses a big enough threat to their health and wellbeing to seek help from a professional.”

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Knoxville singer Zoë Nutt shines on new album after having to 'reteach myself how to hear'

Singer Zoë Nutt was living with partial hearing loss until recently losing her hearing completely. Now with a new album out she is finding out what it means to reteach herself how to hear. "Up until I was 25, I had these episodes where I might not be able to hear anyone for a month at a time. Then, I'd have to reteach myself how to hear all over again," Nutt told Knox News. 

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