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Phonak CROS B & B-R

Wireless CROS device for single-sided deafness including rechargeable

  • StereoZoom
  • CROS Volume Control
  • AutoSense OS™
  • Real Ear Sound

If you can’t hear your spouse, friends, or colleagues when you are in a noisy room or a car because they are positioned closest to your non-hearing ear, or if you are on the phone and unaware of your surroundings, then the Phonak CROS B is the solution for you.  

CROS B will transfer sound and voices to let your better hearing ear for both ears. The CROS device has a microphone that picks up sounds and voices from the non-hearing ear and wirelessly transfers them to the hearing aid worn on the other side. The hearing aid receives the sounds from the non-hearing ear and plays them to your better hearing ear. This allows you to follow conversations in quiet and noisy surroundings without having to reposition yourself.

Once the CROS B hearing aid is fit with another Belong compatible hearing aid, simply switch it on and hear sounds and voices clearly from both sides.

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Enjoy Hassle-Free Hearing

Using Binaural VoiceStream Technology™, CROS B wirelessly transfers the sound from the poorer ear to the hearing aid on the better hearing ear, delivering much better speech understanding in the background noise.

CROS B can also focus on a single voice in a crowd and reduce background noise thanks to the StereoZoom feature. As a result, it streams less noise to the hearing aid on the other side improving speech understanding. (only available in B90 and B70 performance levels).

Phonak’s cutting-edge AutoSense OS™ operating system seamlessly adjusts to the listening environment.

CROS B - Rechargeable (Now Available)

The CROS B-R provides you with all the proven benefits of Phonak CROS in a rechargeable option so you can enjoy a full day of hearing from both sides with no battery hassles*. With a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery, simply charge the CROS solution overnight and use it all day.  No more inconvenient battery changes or dealing with disposable batteries.

CROS B-R is compatible with the Audéo™ B-R (rechargeable) hearing aid devices and uses the same charging options.

CROS B & B-R: At a Glance

Key Features
  • StereoZoom
  • CROS Volume Control
  • AutoSense OS™
  • Real Ear Sound
  • CROS B-R
  • CROS B-13
  • CROS B-312
  • CROS B -13 Custom
  • CROS B-312 Custom
  • (CROS B-R) Audéo B-R
  • (CROS B-312 & 13) Belong RIC/BTE
  • (CROS B-312 Custom & 13 Custom) Belong Custom products
Performance Levels
  • Premium (B90)
  • Advanced (B70)
  • Standard(B50)
  • Essential (B30)
(*) Expected to provide a full day of hearing for both the CROS and hearing aid side (tested battery life of CROS B-R is approximately 20 hours) with about 90 minutes of charging