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Audio Lab

Our Audio Lab features cuttting edge technology in hearing healthcare. Lab technicians and our staff work with leading manufacturers to anatomically and acoustically adapt each solution to our client's needs. We truly understand that no two hearing losses are the same and work to finding the perfect solution for our clients.  

Customizing hearing solutions to meet your every need

For Your Ears Only

Like fingerprints, each ear is unique and hear loss affects the indivdual in a distinct way. Therefore, hearing solutions and hearing aids must be adapted to the individual, properly fitted and adjusted to find the best sound experience.

The process starts with a comprehensive hearing exam conducted by a professional. The resulting audiogram guides our staff in recommending appropriate hearing solutions. Lifestyle needs are also considered when narrowing down the list of devices.  
Video Otoscope & 3D Digital Ear Scans

For some In-the-Ear (ITE) solutions, a detailed view of one's ear canal must be taken. In the past, audiologists would use handheld otoscopes to peer into one's ear. For better fitting hearing aids, silicon was injected in the ear in order to create an impression.

Today, Connect World of Hearing uses video otoscopy and tiny cameras to examine one's ear.  We also take 3D digital scans using a non-invasive device giving us a more precise view of the ear canal for better fitting custom hearing aids.
Fitting & adjusting hearing aids has never been easier or more convenient. Our Hearing Care Professionals continuously work to improve the fit of the solution and work with clients to adjust as needed.  

With Telehealth technologies, follow up adjustments can be made remotely from the Audio Lab to convenience of one's home. Hearing aids can be accessed via smartphone apps, consultations via video chat, and fine-tuning made in real-time - getting you back to the sounds you love. 

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